Eclectic Woodsy Styled Shoot

Eclectic Woodsy Wedding
I don’t know what it is about woodlands but they make me think of autumn, going for a long walks, crunching through  brown leaves and feeling the crisp cold air on my face. Well todays styled shoot isn’t quite like that because the weather is absolutely glorious, but there is something about the rustic styling and low sunlight that has me dreaming of autumn and I think it will for you too.


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Science & Chemistry

Science Wedding Inspiration Board 1

Image Credits: Left- Teagan White & Right- Curiosity Shopper Etsy

I was never good at science when I was at school. Seriously it wasn’t my strong point, I miraculously scraped through with a C and was glad to never see a science room again once I had left, but as the years have gone by I can see why people find it so interesting! However if you’ve loved science for as long as you can remember and the chemistry between you and your other half is on fire then why not think about including a few science elements throughout your wedding?!

Let me inspire you…


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Hot Air Balloons Baby!

I don’t know if you heard, but last week was all about the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta! Europe’s largest ballooning event attracted hundreds and thousands of people to gawk at all of the balloons!  They even had a minion from Despicable Me & a balloon styled around Up! #amazeballs As if that wasn’t enough there was even fairground rides, delicious food stalls and bars, face painting, an arts and craft fair and the world famous Red Arrows!

Hot Air Balloon 1

Image Credit: Leah Marie Photography VIA Green Wedding Shoes & BB Photography VIA La Fete Weddings

The bad news is…I didn’t get to go. (boohoo!) I was so gutted! But instead of moping about it (ok. I kind of moped about it a little bit) I started dreaming away about a hot air balloon wedding theme and how cute it would be!


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Candy Land

About a month ago I mentioned that I had watched a documentary on the TV about Heston’s Fantastical Food and how he created a sweet shop in the style of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory! A real life Candy land! Of course I couldn’t resist doing a little snooping on the net to see how this would play out as a wedding theme! Think over the top…colourful…and above all…FUN!

Candly Land 1


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Native American

As a lot of you know I went to Glastonbury a couple of weeks ago and came away feeling very inspired! I’ve never quite seen anything like it in my life, all of the different areas, the bands and not to mention the fashion! There were some CRAZY outfits, beautiful outfits and down right ridiculous outfits but nobody cared and everyone embraced it! I mentioned before I went that I loved the Native American head pieces that are available on Etsy at the moment and guess what? While I was there I found myself a beautiful one and pretty much refused to take it off my head for the whole festival!

Native American

What do you think? Very Tiger-Lilly from Peter Pan right?! This obviously set the cogs in my head into motion dreaming about the style of a Native American wedding and how god dam gorgeous it would be!

Native American1

Think lots of feathers, fringes and dream catchers…


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Fabulous Fruit!

I love summer. Not only because of the sunshine and the chance to wear those dresses that feel like they’ve been in your cupboard for an eternity, but because of the fruit! I’m a bit of a fussy eater and an apple or pear just doesn’t cut it for me! I love the exotic types, like strawberries and raspberries and pineapples! You know, all of the fruits that come into season during summer. So while I write this, munching away on a strawberry (or five) I ask you to think about how deliciously fabulous a wedding theme based around fruit would be. Imagine the colours! Actually, there’s no need…I’ve done it for you! Check it out…

Fabulous Fruit 1


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Glastonbury Baby!!

If you’re reading this then I am officially at Glastonbury, hopefully enjoying the sunshine if it decides to make an appearance!  I’m ready to attend my first festival ever! Go big or go home right? Festival wedding themes are massive right now and I’d love to see a wedding with not just a festival theme, but a Glastonbury theme!

Glastonbury 1

I’ll keep you posted on my Glastonbury experience but for now, here’s how I think it work for a wedding theme…(hint: It would be AWESOME)


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: My Little Pony

Did you just read that title and go ‘ARE THEY CRAZY?!’ The answer to that is potentially yes…but sometimes it’s fun to go a little crazy with our wedding themes, we all remember the Dr Seuss one don’t we?! Well I’d like to think that with a little hard work and an open mind a theme like could actually work AND look awesome at the same time!

My Little Pony 1

The idea came to me when we had lunch with Emily from Fishee Designs last week, she turned up with a full on My Little Pony manicure and the light bulb in my head lit up! This one’s for you Fishee! Now, I’m not going to sit here and say that this would be an easy theme to pull off because there is very fine line between making this tacky and making this fabulously fun! You need just enough crazy colours, pastel schemes, ponies & unicorns to make this work…


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Eco Warrior Princess

Ever thought about taking your wedding back to basics? I mean REALLY back to basics. Imagine you lived in a tee-pee with no electricity and you grew your own fruit and vegetables, imagine that evenings were spent around a camp fire instead of a TV and being Eco friendly was a way of life for you. What would your wedding look like? Well, it would look like the wedding of an Eco warrior princess of course…

Eco Warrior Princess 1


Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Silver Linings

We couldn’t very well do a gold inspiration board without following up with a silver one now could we? Personally, I don’t wear gold so silver is right up my street and I think it looks just as classy as the gold board! Just like before, classy doesn’t mean it needs to be an extravagant and expensive affair! Silver cake pops and a little costume jewellery bling could do the trick!

Silver Lining1