Off The Record: Bonfires & Birthdays

For me this week has officially marked the beginning of winter. The air has become chilled and when I take walks outside I can see my breath collecting in little pockets of fog in front of me. The heating has gone on in the house and the woollen jumpers are out. It is hard to believe that this time 5 weeks ago I was sat on a beach in Zakynthos, drinking cocktails and swimming in the sea. Time certainly does fly! 

Bespoke Bride Instagram Halloween Bonfire Night

Saying that did you know that this month will officially see Bespoke Bride turning the grand old age of 3! I cannot believe that 3 years have passed since me and Jess sat at my dinner table and discussed the prospect of starting a blog. It really is quite unbelievable but I would not change it for the world. These past three years have quite honestly been the best of my life! I wake up everyday excited by what the day will bring, I have met some of the most amazing people, many of which I  am proud to call friends and I have the best business partner anyone could ever ask for! Here is to another amazing three years (and many more, I hope!).


 Filming our first vlog with Women Outside the Box. As part of the programme we will be meeting with the lovely ladies from WOTB over the course of the next few months to chat about our progress with The Online Wedding Show. Although there isn’t too much to report right now, I am excited that you will be able to follow us on our new journey!

 We got a little festive this week, creating some scrumptious red wine christmas cocktails. I am  not a great lover of red wine but I have to admit these ones were yummy!

 Using our new Cricut! It blows my mind every time we use it. I could watch it doing its magic for hours. I cannot wait to show you what it can do!

 Bonfire Night! This has to be one of my favorite events in the calendar! Myself and Mr T headed down to our local park to watch a display and it was soo good! I loved it! 

Indian Takeaway! Back when me and Mr T first started dating we started a little tradition of treating ourselves to an Indian takeaway on Bonfire Night. I dont really know why it started but I am sure glad it did because it has to be one of my favourite meals EVER!!! I love making our own traditions! 

 Homemade Vegetarian curry! I realise I have already mentioned I had curry once this week but my dad surprised me with his own homemade vegetarian curry at the weekend! I have loved his recipe ever since I was kid, mainly because being vegetarian back then, it was the only thing I really ate that had any taste (don’t worry I got a lot more creative as I got older). So when my dad called me to tell me there was a big batch waiting for me at theirs I couldn’t wait to scoff it down – it was delicious!!!!


 Celebrating Halloween at George & Dans! I dressed as a doll but more importantly James dressed as Heisenberg! I got to do his makeup and turn him into an old man, it was hilarious! 

  Going to a second Halloween party on Saturday night! This time I dressed as maleficent & James went as edward scissor hands! When we got to the party there was an ice sculpture shot dispenser, awesome decor & spookily good soundtrack! It was an awesome night! 

 Finishing breaking bad! Oh my god. Oh my god. That last series blew my mind! 

 Bonfire night at James’ nans! Every year the family puts on their firework display and the evening is topped off with homemade soup, chilli con carne & burgers! It was so yummy & was the perfect warming food! 

 Planning exciting trips for next year! I can’t say too much yet but eeeeeek!! 

 Date night having steak at the woodman in Parkend. I would go as far to say it was one of the best steaks I’ve ever had in my life! And it was huge! And there was loads of chips! And onions rings! And mushrooms! AMAZING. 



Off the Record: Cosmo, Cake & Cocktails!!!

Oh my good golly gosh! What a week! I feel like I haven’t had any time to just sit back and take stock of just how amazing it has been. We have done so much travelling but my goodness has it been worth it! If you follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook you will definitely not have…