I have been so excited for the arrival of 2018, as I can now officially say, I GET MARRIED NEXT YEAR! I can’t wait to get cracking with my own wedding planning and with so many people announcing their own Christmas and New Years engagements, I thought now would be a good time to introduce all our newly engaged readers to Bespoke Bride. We want to make wedding planning FUN and love nothing more than to create easy to follow tutorials and DIY’s so that you can put your own unique spin on things, as well as saving a little bit of money in the process. We also love to answer your most common wedding planning questions (and your not so common) and share tips and tricks that will help make navigating the world of wedding planner much easier. We want our readers to leave Bespoke Bride feeling motivated to create a unique and personalised wedding day and we think there is no better way to inspire creativity than to share real weddings from the brides and grooms who have been there and done that, packed with inspirational images and advice these are often some of our most popular and most useful posts so be sure to sign up to our newsletter so you can get regular updates.

So if your new to Bespoke Bride and want to kick start your wedding planning here are some of our most popular posts to get you started…



Did you know that since the launch of Bespoke Bride in 2011 we have created over 300 DIY’s? Now, that’s alot of time spent researching, designing and making but what really makes it all worth it. is when our readers share photos of their finished projects with us. Those of you that use Pinterest will have seen that their is now an option to mark a pin as ‘tried’, where you can also add comments and pictures of your creations. These can be difficult to spot and we do sometimes miss them which, is why we are now encouraging you to tag us using our hashtag (#BespokeBrideDIY) on Instagram.

However, don’t worry as not all projects are lost in the depths of Pinterest and we have been fortunate enough to save some of your amazing feedback which we would love to share with you today? Over time many of you have asked questions about the difficulty level of our DIY’s and how well the finished versions held up, so we thought you might find our readers experiences useful, starting with what they thought of our Beyonce Lyric Glasses.



Bespoke Bride Jessica Turley Emily Pettiford Colourful Balloons

We  are beyond excited to announce that we will be relaunching in early July with a super duper new site!!

Yep that’s right after 4 years we thought it was high time we updated Bespoke Bride, to become something a little more sleeker and easier to navigate as well adding some exciting new products to our own shop. This also means we will be taking a time out for the next 2 weeks to prepare for the launch. Although we wont stop blogging altogether, we will be diverting away from our usual blogging schedule and only posting 1-2 times a week.

After months of keeping this secret its so exciting to know we are only a few weeks from sharing our new look with you. This year has already been the best year for Bespoke Bride and we can’t express how happy we are to be able to say that!

Last year was full of highs but unfortunately ended on a real low, we were both totally burnt out and forced to seriously reassess the future of Bespoke Bride. Since then, we have been working hard behind the scenes to make Bespoke Bride into something even bigger with the addition of our own shop and have been totally overwhelmed at the amount of support it has already received. We are constantly bouncing new ideas back and forth to each other, talking about new products we can add to the shop and all that fun stuff! We both feel so lucky to be doing something we love and sharing it with people that truly appreciate it, is immensely gratifying.

I have a feeling, 2017 is going to get even better yet!

One last thing I wanted to share…



Bespoke Bride Survey Results 2017

Hey guys! You might have seen a couple of weeks ago that we launched our 2017 survey! Hundreds of you took the time to answer our questions, and lots of you raised some really good points on how we could improve the blog and provided us with excellent suggestions for future features!

As always we thought it would be fun to breakdown the questions that we asked and share the results with you, but before we get started we wanted to offer a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Emily Russell from Middlesex, as you are the winner of a whole host of wedding goodies!! Which will be on their way to you very soon indeed!

So, Why Do We Release a Survey Every Year?

In short, we always want to make sure that we are creating content that you want to see! Our goal is to not only provide inspiration for your wedding but help you plan too. So hosting a survey is a no-brainer, it ensures that we remain on the right track and that we continue to provide useful information to our readers.

Whilst trying to decide on what questions we need to ask, we ensure that every answer we receive is going to be beneficial, i.e. they tell us what we are doing well so that we continue to provide more of that type of content, what we can improve on so we can make changes as required and suggestions for future features as we realise that times change and what brides and grooms might need help with now, might be different from those that were planning 2 or 3 years ago?

There are of course so many things that we want to know from our readers, so narrowing down the questions is always the hardest, but rest assured every question you answer serves a purpose.

So, here are a few of the questions we asked and your answers..