Phew! It’s been a crazy couple of months for us behind the scenes at Bespoke Bride! If you follow us on Instagram (and watch our Instagram stories) you would have seen quite a bit of BTS action already but today we thought it would be fun to share a little video showing what we’ve been up to and how certain projects we’ve worked on have come together!

From styling a tropical shoot for Shutterfly, creating decorations for the Cricut Stand at The Handmade Fair, Emily doing a spot of modelling for Tilly and The Button’s new line as well as creating lots of spooky DIYS to share on the blog it certainly has been a fun couple of months!

Our first big project was creating a styled shoot for Shutterfly promoting their awesome personalised products and how fab they are to style a tropical themed bridal shower! We carefully chose our items for the shoot, from watermelon plates to ombré place mats and fun wine glasses! Then, we used lots of fresh fruit and beautiful flowers to add a little more colour to the table.


Next we attended The Handmade Fair with Cricut and if you’ve been reading Bespoke Bride for a while then you’ll know that we are obsessed with these craft machines! We created and styled a bunch of decorations and products for the Cricut Stand including one of our favourite DIYs ever…The cascading flower backdrop! We also loved making this embellished dress for the mannequin and these fun floral cake toppers made out of card! We spent the entire weekend meeting tons of lovely fellow craft obsessives and demonstrating the machines! It was so much fun!


Off The Record: Happy 3rd Birthday!!

Bespoke Bride Instagram 3rd Birthday

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Can you believe that Bespoke Bride is  3 years old this week! That is so crazy right! I never in a million years thought I would be saying that, when we started our little old blog in my tiny spare room back in 2011. So much has changed since then for both me and Jess, but it still only feels like yesterday that we made the best decision of our lives! So to celebrate 3 years we have decided to do a little recap of all the awesome things we have done in that time.

And to all the wedding suppliers reading this, be sure to read to the end because we have a fabulous celebratory gift to share with you, for being so flippin amazing and supporting us the whole way!

Lets start with a few of our most favourite posts!


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When Bloggers Get Together

Blogging Get Together Bloggers-18Last Friday me and Emily headed up to Bristol to visit the awesome Emily from Mermaid Gossip! We were joined by the fabulous Sophie from Crown & Glory and the lovely Megan from Briar Rose and it was a night to remember! Or errr not remember, since there was a lot of wine involved! When us bloggers get together I always come away feeling so uplifted and empowered! There’s something so special about spending time with people who are in the same industry as you, it give you a huge moral boost! Here’s a few snaps of our evening together, although I must admit, I spent way more time chatting and drinking than taking photos oops!

Blogging Get Together Bloggers-19 Blogging Get Together Bloggers-6 Blogging Get Together Bloggers-4 Blogging Get Together Bloggers-5 Blogging Get Together Bloggers-14Blogging Get Together Bloggers


Why Do Wedding Blogs Request ‘Exclusivity’?

Bespoke Bride by Craig Dearsley Photography

All Photography by Craig Dearsley Photo

I have a feeling that today’s post is going to go down rather like a jar of Marmite. You are either going to love it or hate it!

I am writing this today after watching a rather uncomfortable debate unfold on social media a few weeks back that suggested photographers and suppliers boycott blogs that request exclusivity. Whilst I accept that everybody is entitled to their opinion, I felt that this statement was harsh and in turn I felt moved to write today’s post explaining why we personally request exclusivity and why we are more than happy with our policy.

Our decision for requesting exclusive content wasn’t taken lightly. We had been blogging for over a year and felt that if we were ever going to stand out from the crowd and carve our own niche in what seemed like a sea of wedding blogs, then requesting exclusive content needed to be our first step. Previously we had been blogged weddings (with the consent of both photographer and the blog in which the wedding first featured) that had been blogged elsewhere, however it didn’t take us long to realise that this was having a negative effect on our blog. By the time a reader had come to us they had already seen the wedding elsewhere, and so we were losing their ‘custom’ so to speak.

Now before anyone says “It shouldn’t matter as we all have different blog audiences”, that is not strictly true. Jess and I spent a lot of time last year attending and exhibiting at different wedding fairs. Anyone that has a blog that tries exhibiting at shows will know just how difficult it can be to advertise a blog, so we utilised our time by doing some research whilst there, asking brides & grooms which blogs they had heard of and which ones they read. Now I won’t name names (you can probably guess who they are anyway) but pretty much the same three wedding blogs kept coming up over and over again and rightly so, as these are the blogs that have paved the way for wedding blogs here in the UK. All these blogs have very different niches, one specialises in alternative wedding inspiration the second is top of the class for style and the third is full of elegant fashion, all of which were the top three most read by each of our subjects. The point I am trying to make here is that it would be extremely naive of us to think that our readers only visit our blog. There is a good chance that many of the people that join us here are avid wedding blog fans, we are more than likely to be just one in a long list of blogs on their readers that they visit on a daily basis during their work commute or lunch break.

I also feel it is important to mention here that we are in fact a blog that aims to inspire couples using innovative & original content, we would sound rather hypocritical if we started sharing work that appeared on all the other blogs don’t you think?

In an ideal world we would all be able to share the same content to get all of our suppliers maximum exposure but unfortunately blogs just cannot work in that way, especially if like us, you want to make a living from your blog. Think of us as a storefront, the real weddings, DIY’s and Styled shoots are rather like the products we have available in store. We aim to stock (or share) the latest, most innovative and original ‘products’ in order to create high volumes of traffic which in turn sees our suppliers receiving more ‘views’. Blogs are essentially a marketing tool for suppliers so it is easy to in this instance why exclusivity is important to us.


Off The Record: The Perks of Working from home…

As I’m writing this I am still in my pyjamas, which has been a regular occurrence this week, honestly I haven’t had time to get dressed. Everything has been so busy, Jess has editing coming out of her ears so I am in charge of all the behind the scenes bits of the blog and it makes me so thankful that we do have each other to fall back on, I do not know how some bloggers do it all by themselves. A huge hats off to all those lone bloggers I say!

Instagram May 19

I know its easy to say your busy all the time, actually it’s one of my pet peeves, everyone is busy right? So stop moaning about it and get on with it, you’re never going to get things done just talking about it! So I’m going to take some of my own advice and get on with this weeks off the record. Here is what we have been loving this week!


The A-Z of The Blogcademy…

Weekends don’t often get better than the one i just had…inspiring people, an awesome atmosphere & plenty of glitter! That’s right! I headed up to London to attend The Blogcademy, it was time for me to get schooled by 3 ladies who knew how to kick some serious blogging ass!

Instead of going on and on about it though (which I seriously could) I thought I’d take you through the alphabetical journey of the blogcademy instead! Here’s everything that happened and what you can expect if you’re attending a future class!

And tons if it! I am currently full to the brim with information and helpful tips!


Bunny Ears…
Sitting pretty in all their glory upon many a bloggers heads!


‘Instagrammed’ by @tinoandpip


We Meet the Bloggers behind Boho Weddings & Beyond Beyond!

As if we haven’t shouted about it enough already, we attended the ‘Designer Vintage Bridal Show’ a few weeks back and not only did we have an awesome time but we met some amazing people. We can’t tell you enough how lovely everyone was, it was truely amazing to speak to the people behind the many wonderful businesses in the wedding industry.

We are not going to lie we were more than a tad excited to hear that the queens of wedding blogging were going to be attending the designer vintage bridal show this year and we just had to meet them. Kelly from Boho Weddings and Amma from Beyond Beyond, both had stalls at the show this year.

(Kelly Hood aka Boho Weddings)

(Amma aka Beyond Beyond)