DIY metallic bronze gold floral crown faux flower headband Wedding bridal_-9

It’s no secret that metallics are having a real moment right now, you only have to look in pretty much any shop window to see it and we’ve already seen how beautiful the trend can look when carried over to weddings! So we thought it would be fun to put a bit of a copper twist on the ever amazing floral crown! Here’s what you’ll need to make your own:


Faux flowers // Metallic Spray paint (We used Rustoleum’s copper spray paint) // A head band // A glue gun //


Less than an hour


Less than £10


Take your faux flowers and spray paint them with your metallic spray making sure that you get in-between all of the petals and the back of the flowers, then leave to fully dry. You can apply a second coat if you think it’s necessary.


DIY metallic bronze gold floral crown faux flower headband Wedding bridal_-4

Using your glue gun, take your first flower and glue it to your headband once you’re happy with it’s position. I decided to use larger flowers on one side of the crown so I stuck those down first.


DIY metallic bronze gold floral crown faux flower headband Wedding bridal_-5

Repeat this process with all of your flowers making sure to fill out any gaps you can see with smaller flowers until you reach the other end of your crown.

DIY metallic bronze gold floral crown faux flower headband Wedding bridal_-7



Colourful Wall Murals Wedding Day Couples Portraits

It’s no secret that me and Emily love a good wall mural! We had an absolute ball hunting them down in Shoreditch and I think it’s fair to say we can’t pass a colourful building without forcing one of our other halves to take photos of us in front of it! Luckily for us, we’re not alone in this obsession and have featured our fair share of awesome couples who took amazing couple portraits in front of painted walls! Here’s our favourites…


1.This couple went a colourful wall crawl for their engagement shoot and ended up finding a ball pit! Ritika and Raj are a silly, sweet, fun, thoughtful couple. Their love story started at George Washington University in Washington, DC (Go Colonials!). As college sweethearts they have watched one another grow and seen the ups and downs of the transition from college days to adult life, which for these two go-getters includes a full-time job as an analyst and medical school. Since Ritika and Raj’s love story unfolded in DC, it was only natural that their engagement session take place there as well”, photographer Amy Gray told us. SEE THE FULL E-SHOOT HERE!


2. I am sure pink obsessives all over will agree, that this quite possibly is the most epic pink wedding in the history of all pink weddings! The grooms shirt to the bride’s shoes and everything in between was pink! “After the ceremony and downtown photo tour we left to go enjoy more photos at the Linq on the Las Vegas Strip. We made a pit stop at Sprinkles Cupcakes to enjoy a sweet purchase from the Cupcake ATM. All the pretty colors of the backdrop wall at Sprinkles made for an excellent photo spread!” SEE THE FULL ELOPEMENT HERE! 


3. This retro-vintage styled bridal shoot took place at the Lionsgate Event Center just outside of the Denver area in Colorado and it could not have been more perfect. From its pop art murals to the perma-parked old yellow truck, it had it all! Lush grounds with blossoms on the trees were perfect for the “spring-y” feel Ashley and the rest of the team had wanted the shoot to emit! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SHOOT! 


4. Kymberlie & Kristen put all their crafting skills to work, to create a beautiful modern vintage wedding. The event was held in the unique gardens of Mymoon in Brooklyn. “This couple have the sweetest engagement story ever! Began photographer, Natalie. “They went on holiday to Italy and at one picturesque moment, Kristen pulled out a ring and ask Kym to marry her. A stunned Kym smiled, pulled out a ring and asked Kristen to marry her! Great minds absolutely think alike and these two are the perfect peas in a pod.” Plus how cool is that hand painted wall?! CHECK OUT THEIR WEDDING HERE! 



Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (5)Now that you are engaged, you will probably find yourself looking all over the place for inspiration for your wedding, whether it it be the real weddings on blogs or the latest trend guides in magazines but have you ever thought of checking out styled shoots for a little bit of inspo?? We absolutely love sharing them here because unlike real weddings, vendors have total freedom to go all out and create something epic, no holds barred. Personally I think it’s a great way to not only get an idea of the suppliers personality but is also a great way to get your own creative juices flowing, the realisation that they sky really is the limit.

One of our favourite photographers, Schellie from Six Hearts Photography, tells us why she loves to work on styled shoots, “We love working with other professionals, so when an idea comes to mind, we jump on a chance to be creative with our “Friendors” for an non commissioned project where we have full creative freedom. We call them “Inspiration Collaborations”.

Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (8)Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (10)Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (14)Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (16)Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (6)Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (9)Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (7) Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (2)



DIY-ombre-tulle-skirts-two-tone-blue-purple-orange-pink-8 While many of you will be returning to work today (booooo!!), some of you will be heading back with some very exciting news to share with your peers: Christmas 2015 was the year you got engaged! If you are one of these lucky lovelies we would would like to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS and for those of you that have been here before we would like to welcome you back and we wish you a very happy new year.

Whether you are new to the world of bridal blogs or a wedding blog connoisseur, we have created this handy little little guide to help you make the most of our platform whilst on your wedding planning journey, so be sure to save this to your favourites as we think you are going to want to come back…

First let us introduce ourselves, we are Emily & Jess, friends and co-founders of Bespoke Bride and BB boutique (we will tell you more about that in a sec). We started the blog in 2011 after dabbling in our own startup wedding businesses and used the blog to collate inspiration, chat about our own ideas and share our own products and images. We wanted to create a platform where we could share the weddings we had come to love, those that were detailed, original, creative and innovative – those that reflected the true personality and character of the couples themselves!

So how can you use our blog to help plan your wedding?


Photography by Brilliant Imagery

Be Inspired

“Inspired by Us, Created by You!”

We share everything from real weddings & styled shoots to engagements & bridal showers, all of which are a great source of inspiration. Our real weddings include helpful information from brides that have first hand experience of planning a wedding, this can be anything from how the couple decided on a venue, to budgets and vendor information. Styled shoots are a little different, although they are created by real vendors, the couples involved are often models and the shoot has been created in order to showcase a particular theme or trend, as well as the talents of the vendor for inspiration.

Here are some of our most popular to get you started…

A Kate Spade-esque Styled Shoot with a Magnificent Black & White Stripe Dress

This Couple Went on a Colourful Wall Crawl for their E-shoot and Found a Giant Ball Pit!

Botanical Bridal Shower: Gossip Girl Meets Pitch Perfect

Pink To Make the Boys Wink: An Eclectic Las Vegas Elopement

Gummy Bears & Nerf Guns! A Colourful Handmade Wedding at a Forest Retreat

Playful Destination Wedding Inspired by Mexican Tradition

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Find Vendors

Whether you already have a clear idea of what you want your wedding to look like or you have happened upon this blog in search of recommendations, it won’t be long until you mind is brimming with ideas. Now you just have to find the vendors that will  help make it happen, well this is where BB boutique comes in.

Our carefully curated marketplace, contains over 50 high quality, unique and stylish wedding suppliers, offering hundreds of unique products, including bridal gowns & accessories, decor, favours and stationery, many of which can be customised to fit the bespoke nature of your wedding. Here you will also find a comprehensive directory of high quality services, including photographers, transport providers & videographers. Our platform enables you to buy all the products you require from one single checkout, as well as contact vendors.

Create Wish Lists

The wish list feature on BB boutique is a very handy little tool that enables you to organise, compare and keep track of the products and vendors that you have your eye on.  You can name your wish list, add a description and choose whether to make the list private or share with your family members and friends.



BB Crafty Club November Unboxing Wedding Subscription box-1

It’s that time of month where we reveal all of the awesome suppliers in the last BB Crafty Club and boy was this one a cracker! Since November can be a bit dark and dreary we decided to cram this box with lots of colourful, fun items to brighten it up! First in the box was an incredible DIY hanging quote from Curious Me, I loved it’s happy message and how easy peasy it was to make with Pinar’s beautifully designed instructions! I made mine in under an hour and it certainly does brighten up any space where it’s placed!

BB Crafty Club November Unboxing Wedding Subscription box-5

Next was the super fun confetti from Pretty Your Party Co! Let’s be honest, life without confetti would be pretty boring and who could resist the pops of colour in these bags?! We also decided to continue on the fun with a selection of temp tattoos from Doris Loves!! We LOVE the idea of using these at hen parties or even giving them as wedding favours, how awesome would they look your guests?!



View More:

Newly engaged? Get ready for a series of parties and celebrations in your honor! It’s truly such a special time to be with friends and family but hey, we love any excuse for a party and wouldn’t it be cute to throw a ‘be my bridesmaids bash’ for some bridal party girlie fun?! We totally love the idea of having some proper gal pal time amongst glitzy decor and plenty of champagne! I’ll hand you over to Lori from LOLA Event Productions with her 3 main tips for your own unique bash! 

View More: View More: View More:

Pamper Your Peeps

Life is about to get really busy- engagement parties, showers, bachelorette weekends, gown shopping, and so much more. To show your bridesmaids, in advance, that you love and appreciate the time investment of being a bridesmaid, pamper your posse! Think about planning a spa day, wine tasting, or a delicious outing to ask them to be a part of your big day. There is no right or wrong way to do this! Just have fun being intentional with those amazing ladies in your life.



DIY ombre tulle skirts two tone blue purple orange pink-7

This month we were so excited to have our DIY featured in Rock n Roll Bride Magazine, if you haven’t got yourself a copy of this magazine then we recommend you hurry up and get your mitts on one! It truly is one epic mag packed full of wedding awesome!! If you missed your tutorial for these ombre tulle skirts then fret not lovelies because we’re going to be sharing it with you today…

Tulle skirts are one of our favourite, most feminine items of clothing to wear. We absolutely adore how cute they look with all those layers of tulle falling pretty! This tutorial would be awesome for any event but deep deep down in our DIY hearts we’d love to see a bride rocking one of these two tone ombre skirts on their wedding day!

DIY ombre tulle skirts two tone blue purple orange pink-8

You will need:

A white tulle skirt // Fabric dye (we used dylon) in the colours you chose // Dye salt // A bucket // Warm water //


Following your dye instructions prepare your dye, salt and warm water as instructed.

DIY ombre tulle skirts two tone blue purple orange pink DIY ombre tulle skirts two tone blue purple orange pink-6


Next, submerge the bottom half of your tulle skirt into the dye and make sure all of the layers of tulle are dipped in. Our dye instructions said to leave it for 15 minutes then give the water and fabric a stir then leave it for a further 45 minutes so that’s what we did! We then pulled the skirt out and left it to dry until the fabric was damp but not fully dry.
DIY ombre tulle skirts two tone blue purple orange pink-3



Grace Loves Lace Festival Wedding Dress

Whenever people ask me ‘ooh what sort of wedding dress would you like in the future?!’ My answer is always the same ‘Oh my god, I wouldn’t even know where to begin, there’s so many different styles I’ve seen and loved!’ but the more time goes on, the more and more I find myself being lured in by bohemian styles! I’m talking crochet, lace, tulle skirts and two piece dresses! Here’s a few of my current favourites…

1: How gorgeous is this beautiful, low back and off the shoulder wedding dress?! (above)

2: I’m a sucker for two piece wedding dress and this one is particularly pretty!

3: Those sleeves though!! How gorg!!