Food DIY: How To Make Cake Pops!

DIY How To Make Cake Pops Main

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody utter the phrase ‘I don’t like cake pops’. Hence why they’re the perfect party favor or beautiful addition to a dessert table! And the best news? They last up to 2 weeks in the fridge! So there’s no need for last minute baking stress, simply whip up a batch in advance and leave them ready for when you need them! I can’t promise that they won’t be eaten before that date though…

You will need: 

A cake mix (mine was vanilla!)   Cake frosting  ♥ Cake pop sticks (bought on Ebay!)   Florist’s foam (or something to be able to place the cake pops in to suspend them)   White/ milk / dark chocolate   Sprinkles and any other decorative items! Strong will power in order not to eat them while making them