A Vintage Train Engagement – Kirsty & Mark

Vintage Train Engagement

Good afternoon lovelies! To round off this fabulous week we wanted to share with you a beautiful love story and engagement, shot by the very talented Camera Hannah.

I am smitten with this couple, their journey to marriage, their love for one another, they really are the sweetest.

I also love how this shoot combines both this couples passions, Kirsty’s fondness of all things vintage with the suitcases works perfectly with Marks dream to become a train driver. We must also mention that the heavens opened on the day of the shoot but if you’re anything like me, you will think rain is something to be celebrated and Photographer Hannah Millard did a fantastic job of making the most of it. Here is Kirsty to tell us a bit more about her and Marks engagement…

Vintage Train Engagement 1