5 Awesome Reasons To Use Thankful Registry!

Say whaattt a gift registry that let’s you splash your personality all over it?! That’s right my friend! You know how big we are on personality here at Bespoke Bride so i’m sure you can imagine our squeals of excitement when we stumbled across Thankful Registry! Of course we just HAD to try it out for ourselves! Thankful Registry Bespoke Bride First of all, how awesome is it that you get to upload a big header photograph of you both? Imagine your engagement shoot photos there, it would look fab! And not only is Thankful Registry super attractive looking, it’s easy to use and let’s you add gifts from wherever you like! So without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you lovely readers should use this alternative registry too!

1. Add gifts from anywhere — seriously! Thankful is an “open platform” universal registry. Here’s how it works: you add gifts using the bookmarklet (which works like the Pinterest Pin) and they’ll appear on your registry like magic. It took us two seconds to install this and once we headed over to our favourite retail shops we saw how easy it was to add items to our registry!


Travel Gawker Review: My Trip To Montreal & Quebec City!

B Canada-91

If I learnt anything on my trip to Canada it was that I am truly lucky to have such amazing family and friends in another country who were willing to make mine & James’ trip so special. One of the highlights for me was definitely visiting Montreal & Quebec City. Not only because I was reunited with my close friend Anne who lives there but because I was amazed at the amount of character & charm the places had!

B Canada-90

That’s pretty much my dream house right there. HOW CUTE IS IT?! This little baby was nestled in Plateau Mont Royal in Montreal.

Day 1:

B Canada-92

Let’s talk about Quebec City because that was our first stop! Being in Quebec City was a strange feeling because it really didn’t feel like I was in Canada, it was all very European looking, which was of course beautiful! Old Quebec was a treasure of small roads and cute little shops and stalls! Of course we were also amazed by the famous Chateau Frontenac & the Plaine d’abraham! I was also pretty impressed with Anne’s amazing map skills…just kidding Anne 😉


Home DIY: How To Make A Sewn Route Map!

DIY Sewn Route Map Frame

Happy Tuesday you lovely lot! I’m not sure if I mentioned it (lol!) but I’m currently in Canada!! For this week’s DIY I wanted to create something that would make a constant memory of this amazing trip (photos aside!) Me and James are doing a lot of travelling around this country since I’m lucky enough to have family dotted all over the place plus a very goof friend that lives in Montreal and this framed map is such a cute way to display all of the places we visited! (To be fair, these maps are definitely better after a trip is done just in case you ended up somewhere spontaneous and amazing but you could always sew in an extra route after!) This would also make a great gift for somebody who has just done a lot of travelling!

Ready to get started? Let’s do this!