If you are looking to book your wedding transport but feeling jaded with the traditional offerings of limos and Rolls Royce’s, today’s post is just for you. Don’t get me wrong, classic cars are awesome but we like to make things a little more interesting, so we have searched our blog archives for 14 of the most quirky transportation ideas, to ensure you arrive at your wedding in style!


1. Yellow School Bus: Something you wouldn’t expect to see here in the UK but head to the US and you would typically see hundreds of these buses carting kids off to school. Personally, if this had been my school bus I would have caught one every day with no hesitation. It would have made me so happy to see this bright ray of sunshine trundling down the road each morning, which is why I think they make the best wedding transportation for this bride and her squad. (Photo by Tamytha Cameron Photography)


2. Vespa: If you fancy yourselves as characters out of ‘Mad Men’ the Vespa would be the perfect retro getaway for the both of you. It would look like something straight out of a movie, the two of you, the open road ahead and wind blown hair – so romantic! (Photo by Allie Marion Photography)


3. Vintage Chevrolet: I am a huge fan of old American cars and in my opinion these vintage Chevrolets are one of America’s greatest treasures. I could totally see myself rolling up to my wedding in one of these, rockin’ out to some classic highway tunes. (Photo by Delaluz Photos)


4. Bicycle: Chances are a bike isn’t going to be very practical but we still love the idea of using them for photo opportunities. (Photo by Pine & Pearl Photography)


5. Pickup Truck: Another classic American vehicle, the pickup truck is so cool! Imagine waving your guests goodbye as you leave for your honeymoon. You chuck your luggage in the back and drive off into the sunset, one arm leaning on the window, with your wedding cans rattling along behind you. You can tell I watch way to many romantic chick flicks. (Photo by Urban Safari Photography, Ltd.)


6. Vintage VW Camper van: It’s not surprising that a VW camper made its way on to the list, especially when they are as rad as this hippy mobile! (Photo by Becca Blevins Photography)


7. Morris Minor: There is nothing more quintessentially British than a Morris Minor. It’s character makes it a popular choice for car enthusiasts and dressed in flowers, it is easy to see why it had to be on our list. (Photo by Velvet Storm)