Travel Gawker: I Want To Go To…Tokyo!

“I think i’m turning Japanese, I think I’m turning Japanese I really think so!” Seriously, somebody get me to Tokyo! I am FASCINATED with this place! It seems like a whole different planet to me since the surroundings are potentially the exact opposite of where I live. (Which is a quiet, forest full of farmland and nature!)

Tokyo Fashion

First of all I HAVE to talk about the fashion in Japan. The ‘street style’ as they call it looks like something straight out of fantasy manga magazine, these ladies really love to maximize on the accessories and colours. It would be amazing to see such extravagant outfits in the flesh! Believe me, around here it’s considered crazy to wear any oversized hair accessory or have a pair of heels on to go about your daily business! Which SUCKS. People should wear whatever the hell they want and they surely do in Tokyo! Harajuku girl’s rock! So what else would I do in Japan? Well…