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For many the festive season would have been made all the more exciting as it is the perfect opportunity to ask your significant other to become your Mr or Mrs. It is no secret that Christmas, New Years Eve and Valentines day are the most the popular times for engagements, so we always look forward to this time of year as we get the chance to welcome even more newly engaged couples to Bespoke Bride.

It’s an exciting time and if your anything like me when I got engaged, you will want to jump headfirst into all the planning. Here you will you find more information on how to use Bespoke Bride to plan a wedding like no other but to get you started we have put together a list of our most useful posts from our archives, to help with you anything from the best inspirational wedding accounts to follow on Instagram to how to choose the ultimate wedding venue.

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So when you are ready, let’s start with our most popular post to date…

1. 50 Fab Favors for your Wedding day: This epic list includes so many different favor ideas you will be spoiled for choice. One of our favorites has to be the cute watermelon packets pictured above.


Image via Wedding Chicks

2. 65 FREE Wedding Printables: Look after your wedding budget from the get-go with these creative printable ideas. The list includes invitation suites, favor boxes, banners, tags, cards… basically a ton of ideas that covers all the paper craft ideas you would need at your wedding. Oh and did we mention they are all free!


Image by James & Lianne Wedding Photography via Bespoke Bride (See the full wedding here)

3. The Ultimate DIY Wedding Venue Checklist: Whilst most venue checklists will take your through the basics, this one is specifically tailored to the not so ‘typical’ wedding venue e.g barns, fields, community centers. As these types of venues aren’t usually set up for this type of function, it will most likely need some extra planning on your part i.e does the venue have generators? Are their toilets? Are there enough power points? What are the noise restrictions? This list takes you through everything you will need to know and there is a free printable checklist too!


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4. 25 Yummy Cocktails to Make in Bulk and Serve at Your Wedding: This list took our readers by storm as it was the perfect budget friendly way to add cocktails into the mix. All you have to do is choose the recipe you like the most whip up a large batch and store in the fridge until it is ready to be served on your wedding day. Simple!


5. Pretty Envelope Table Plan with Free Printable Floral Liners: Trust us! This is the prettiest and easiest table plan you will have ever seen and it comes with FREE printable floral liners, so most of the hard work has been done for you. Now just to decide where to seat everyone?

View More: http://saraheubanksphotography.pass.us/terriandclint

Image by Sarah Eubanks Photography – (See the full wedding here)

6. 20 Unique Ways to Plan a Wedding on a Budget: Budget is a contributing factor to most weddings and for good reason. At a time when money is tight it’s important to watch your spend, no one wants to enter married life with a huge debt over their head. So we trawled our Real Wedding Archives to curate all our favourite bits of budget advice and this is what we got.


7. 55 Pinterest Accounts to Rock Your Wedding World: Pinterest is *THE* wedding planning tool to use as it is packed with inspirational ideas. These accounts showcase some of the best the wedding world has to offer but just be careful to not get too carried away.


8. 5 Reasons Eloping is Better than a Wedding: If you’re not sure if a wedding is quite right for you, we recommended our 5 main reasons to elope.




We know how much you guys love our printables and over the past few months we have worked hard to create a series of free ones that you can use throughout every aspect of your wedding and since we are lucky enough to welcome thousands of new readers here every month we thought it was about time we caught you up on what you might have missed. So here are our top free printables for every stage of your wedding.


1. Our Ultimate Wedding Checklist has been broken down into timeline sections to help you figure out when you should be doing certain things like ordering your stationery, or how far in advance you should book your photographer and includes a few items that you may have forgotten in all the hustle and bustle of wedding planning! (i.e are your passports in date for your honeymoon?!)

It’s super in depth (7 pages long!) and will really help you feel much more organised and in control with your wedding planning, we promise.

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2. Now you have booked your wedding venue use these Modern Colour Block ‘Save the Dates’ to inform your guests of your upcoming nuptials. Print them at home onto some good quality cardstock, simply circle (or heart) around the date that you’re getting married, and add your names at the bottom! Then pop them in the post and voila! Save the dates DONE!


3. Once you’re ready to start sending your wedding invitations use these Tropical Palm Envelope Liners for your Wedding Stationery.  They are available in TWO fun patterns for you to enjoy and will be sure to get your guests feeling those summery vibes!


4. Not long to go until your wedding, which means it must be hen party time! Our How Well do you know the Bride? Bridal Shower Game is the perfect ice breaker if you have invited groups of friends or individuals who may not know each other. This game is all about the one thing everyone has in common: the bride! Print out these free ‘how well do you know the bride’ cards and pop them on the table along with some pens, before you know it people will be asking each other if they have the answers to number 5, 7 or 12 and it won’t be long until everyone is chatting away!


5. And if that game wasn’t enough we created another one called Porn or Polish? A Fun Free Printable Hen Party Game that is sure to get your guests laughing with each other.



I don’t know about you, but I love me a good list! I find that I am so much more productive when I have one and I bloody love the satisfaction of crossing something off it or adding that glorious tick in the box next to an item! If you feel the same then today’s…


The Ultimate DIY Wedding Venue Checklist Including a Free Printable List!

DIY Wedding Venue Check List

Photography by  (James & Lianne Wedding Photography (Full wedding here!)

For some the very thought of handcrafting their wedding will make their blood run cold, for others finding a venue that is a blank canvas on which to build their creativity would be a dream. However, if there’s one thing I would like to warn DIY couples against, then that would be thinking that arranging a handmade wedding is both easy and cheap. Deciding to hold and organise a homespun wedding comes with a whole new host of responsibilities and management.

Lets begin with the challenge of finding a venue that offers a blank canvas in the first place. Both myself and Jess have experienced just how difficult it is to find such a venue but, there are some great websites which  can help. Coco Wedding Venues usefully narrows down the search based on the type of venue and style that you are looking for, whilst Find Your Perfect Venue is particularly useful as you can base your search on venues that specialise in DIY weddings, as well as location and style. The most obvious choice of venue for this type of event tends to be yurts, marquees and barns but don’t be too disheartened if this isn’t what you are looking for, there are some great venues out there, you just need to do that extra bit of digging to find the perfect one.

Right now lets get down to nailing that perfect venue! Use this checklist to make sure you have absolutely everything covered when planning your DIY wedding.

What to ask your DIY Wedding Venue

Photography by  (James & Lianne Wedding Photography (Full wedding here!)



♥ Do you have Liability Insurance?

♥ What will happen if my wedding is cancelled? Check the T’s & C’s!

♥  What time will you be setting up? I.e. Marquees, Tipis etc

♥ From what time will we have access?

♥ What are the noise restrictions in the area? 

♥ Do you have a generator?

♥ Are there enough power points for everything that will need to be plugged in i.e. PA System, Ipod etc

♥ Will there be adequate heating or air conditioning? You may need to provide extra heaters or even air conditioning units!

♥ What are the access restrictions? Some venues will be unsuitable for larger vehicles like coaches?

♥ Does the venue have disabled access if needed? Dont forget your less able guests! 

♥ What facilities are available, Car park, toilets etc. What facilities will not be available i.e. dance floor?

♥ Are we able to book outside suppliers? I.e. Bouncey Castle, Garden Games, ice cream vans?

♥ Who is responsible for lighting?

♥  Can we store decor, equipment etc in advance at the venue? Don’t forget you may need to take your own ladder as venues will not be able to provide you with these by law.

♥ Are there any items we are not permitted to use in the venue? I.e. Candles, screws, nails, glue, confetti, lanterns. 

♥  Who is responsible for clearing away decorations and rubbish? Will it need to be done that night? Who should we allocate to do this? Do we need to hire in a waste removal bin? Especially if you’re doing ‘take away’ food in the evening?

♥  Do you have tables or will we need to hire this? What size are they? How many?

Who will be in charge of setting up tables Sally T Photography

What style of Crockery Sally T Photography

Photography by Sally T Photography (Full Wedding here!)