Money Talks: When Should You Talk About Finances in Your Relationship?

Money Talks

Photography by Katja Hentschel

If you are anything like me, one of the most awkward conversations you will ever have with your partner will be about money. I have always had a rather unhealthy relationship with money in that I have never really had a lot or made much. I have pretty much spent most of my life as a student and as soon as I finished in education I decided to start my own business, so as you can imagine I have always been pretty skint, learning to just scrape by with whatever money I had. In the past it never really bothered me, I only really had myself to think about so if it meant I had to go without luxuries I got over it, that was until I met and then moved in with Mr T.

All of sudden it wasn’t just me anymore and I soon began to feel ashamed that Mr T was being subjected to my simple, ┬ástudent style of living. Before he met me he would go to concerts, have holidays, weekends away and more importantly have food in the fridge but now all of that was being put on the backburner and I started to feel resentful of my business choices and guilty that he was no longer able to enjoy all the things he did before. I was afraid that he would end up resenting me, so it was time to bite the bullet and have the money talk.