Planning a DIY wedding is hard enough, even if you have the time and skills. So, when it comes to adding your own handmade touches, when you have neither, it’s easy to throw out the idea once and for all and start over with something ‘easier’ but not necessarily ‘YOU’!. The thing is you can add instant personality to any wedding, whether you’ve handmade it or not, all you have to do is get creative as event designer & stylist, Ronya explains. 



Dream team Kelly L’Esperance (of Miss Fleur Floral) and Grace Hill (of Photography by Grace Hill) love working together to create new and exciting ideas! After following Rock the Frock Bridal’s Instagram and coming across the gorgeous blue dip-dye dresses by the fabulous Lucy Can’t Dance, they just had reach out to her to see if she fancied partnering up for our crazy colourful ideas and this my friends is the result, a tropical rainforest bridal editorial.



Welcome back to our second edition of Weekend Wedding Planning. We hope you enjoyed last weeks links and found some helpful tips among my ramblings. This weekend we are heading to Carmarthenshire to celebrate the wedding of a our real bride reporter, to her beau, you might otherwise know them as Sophie & Gareth of Crown & Glory.

I realize its terribly unoriginal to comment on how quickly it has come around but it does really feel like just yesterday we were sharing their engagement story and ‘boom’ tomorrow is the wedding. I’m already second guessing myself as to whether or not 18 months is going to give us enough time to plan our destination wedding? But then I remind myself of how Merari & Fernando planned an intimate ceremony in Tree People Park in just 12 weeks and of Maren & Jon who planned their colourful Las Vegas wedding in just 10! It’s these stories that remind me of why we chose a destination wedding in the first place, to keep it simple and relaxed so I really should just stop with the fretting already!

This week has been fairly quiet on the wedding planning front, I’ve mainly just been showing photos of our wedding ceremony location to Mr T and informing our family and friends of our plans. However there was one exciting thing that I did this week and that was to start looking for wedding dresses and I mean really looking.