I have to admit, I love gingerbread houses as much as the next gal but the actual baking of the gingerbread house and assembling of it is something that kinnddaaaaaa stresses me out! But who wants to miss out on the fun of the decorating the house?! Not me! So…this year I was thinking, what I could bake that would be really simple and easy and would allow me to get creative with the decor?! Then it hit me, a gingerbread teepee!!


I would literally only need to bake four triangles, and that would be it! No cutting out of windows, or trying to assemble rooftops, it was the perfect plan! So I set the wheels in motion to get the idea moving! I did some research online, and wrote down everything I needed that would require as little baking and fiddling as possible and it really was much much simpler than it looks! Here’s how to make your own…


125g Unsalted butter // 100g Dark muscovado sugar // 3 Tbsp golden syrup //300g plain flour // 1 Tsp bicarbonate of soda // 2 Tsp ground ginger //


Matchmaker chocolates // 250g Icing sugar // 1 egg white //Pink food colouring // Edible flowers in small and large (I got these ones from Waitrose // Green fondant //White fondant // Green sprinkles // Rainbow fizzy laces // Small chocolate covered sweets // Toffee // Pretzel sticks // Old fashioned sweets // Twine //

unique-ginger-bread-house-teepee-tipi-christmas-fun-festival-colourful-bake-make-your-own_-4 unique-ginger-bread-house-teepee-tipi-christmas-fun-festival-colourful-bake-make-your-own_-6


Melt the butter, sugar and syrup together in a saucepan. Meanwhile, mix the flour, bicarbonate of soda and ground ginger into a large bowl then stir in the butter mixture to form a dough.


Roll out your dough and cut out lots of triangles, I ended up baking around 15 triangles in total so that I could pick the best 4 or have spares in case anything went wrong! Plus it meant afterwards I had some spares for cookies! Once you’ve got your triangles, cut off about 1cm of the top of each of them, this is so there will be a little space for pretzel sticks to stand out of the top of the teepee.

unique-ginger-bread-house-teepee-tipi-christmas-fun-festival-colourful-bake-make-your-own_-8 unique-ginger-bread-house-teepee-tipi-christmas-fun-festival-colourful-bake-make-your-own_-14


Bake in the heated oven (200C or fan 180C) for 12 minutes or until firm. Then pull out of the oven, leave to cool for just 1 minutes then trim the edges of the triangles so that they’re really straight. Then leave to cool fully.