I deleted the Facebook App and this is what happened

Recently one of my good friends announced that both herself and her husband were going on a social media blitz! They had been hit with the stark realisation that instead of spending time doing quality things together, they were instead wasting endless hours scrolling through their news feeds living the lives of their ‘friends’ rather than their own. This got me thinking about my own social media habits, so over the course of a week I made a mental note of every time I picked up my phone to scroll through my facebook feed and I was mortified at just how many times a day and how many hours a week I was spending aimlessly scrolling.

Facebook has been a bugbear of mine for a while now, I was fed up with useless daily updates, most of which made me either feel negatively about myself or negative towards another person and are feelings of which I would always rather avoid. I realise that is being very cynical of Facebook and don’t get me wrong I have heard some absolutely wonderful things through the powers that be, but hearing that a family member is pregnant or your good friend is engaged via that little blue ring that pops up in your feed. isn’t really the way I want to hear your most amazing news. Facebook updates had become devoid of meaning and yet at every spare moment I was still reaching for my phone and tapping on that little blue button.

So what did I decide to do? Well, I removed the app from my phone and I was shocked by what followed.