Is Social Media Making Your Wedding Day Less Private?

It’s not often that we accept guest posts but when this one dropped into our inbox we could’t resist posting it because we feel it’s such an interesting topic! With the rise of social media and almost everyone owning iphones or smart phones it’s easy to see how times have changed…

Social Media

‘It’s fair to say that social media sites have had a massive impact on our lives. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have connected us to friends, relatives and strangers wherever they are in the world, allowing us to talk about whatever is on our mind, any time of day.

But all this online networking does have its drawbacks. Everyone knows a story about a job interview that never happened because bosses did not like what they saw on Twitter, or a tale to tell about embarrassing photos on Facebook that come back to haunt in new relationships.

And for couples about to tie the knot social media can also be a minefield of dos and absolutely do not’s.