I lurve how Valentines day is slowly being taking over by Galentines Day! Not that we need a holiday to remind us how much we love our gal pals but if your anything like me and my friends (always busy!) sometimes you need something to celebrate in order to plan that long awaited get together. So what better way to celebrate than surprising the ladies in your life with a gift handmade with love. We’ve scoured our favourite DIY blogs to put together this list of easy DIY gifts that your pals are sure to lurve!

1. Valentines day really isn’t Valentines day without conversation hearts! Cozy up on the sofa with these Coversation Heart Pillows, your gal pals and Netflix for the perfect night in. (Photo via Brit & Co)

2. Deliver you’r secret Valentines cards in style this year with a No-Sew Valentines Mail Bag. (Photo via Julep)

3. These Heart Emoji Donuts are the perfect treat for you best donut-loving gal pals. (Photo via Aww Sam)

4. Treat the lucky ladies in your life to a Lip Patterned Manicure this Valentines. (Photo via Aww Sam)

5. Know someone who has a celebrity crush? Make their dreams come true with these Celebrity Heartthrob Cookies.(Photo via Brit & Co)

6. Diamonds are a girls best friend, especially when they are made our of chocolate like these Chocolate Glitter Ring Pops (Photo via Brit & Co)

7. This Heart Eye Emoji Pattern Cake Roll is almost too cute to eat! (Photo via Aww Sam)

8. This Broken Heart Valentines Pinata is for all the anti-valentines ladies out there. (Photo via Aww Sam)

9. Throwback to your favourite crush with these 90’s Heartthrob Valentines Pins.(Photo via Keiko Lynn)

10. Fancy up your balloons with this Conversation Heart Balloon String.(Photo via Aww Sam)

11. These Anti-Valentines Day Macarons are a fun way to express what you’re really thinking this Valentines. (Photo via Sprinkles for Breakfast)

12. This Love bug Valentines Day Pinata Box is too cute not to have on show all year round. (Photo by Brittany Jepsen via The House That Lars Built)

13. Let your friends know that they will always have a ‘pizza your heart’ with this fun Pizza Heart Gift Box. (Photo via Make And Tell)

14. The beauty of this Conversation Heart Sweatshirt is that it can be customized to say anything, so show your gal pals how much you really know about them. (Photo via Oh Happy Day)

15. Wear your heart on your sleeve with this Sequin Heart Elbow Patch. (Photo via Swellmayde)

16. Give the gift of glam with this Sequin Marquee Light. (Photo by Jared Smith via Sugar & Cloth)

17. These Valentines XO Mugs are a cute little way to show your love. (Photo via The Proper Blog)

18. There’s always space for more Plush Conversation Hearts. (Photo via Studio DIY)

19. This Heart Disco Ball is for the disco lovers in your life. (Photo via Julep)

20. Having a Galentines party? Fill these Valentines Confetti Crackers with mini treats and a love note, for a fun little surprise. (Photo by Paul Ferney via Oh Happy Day)

21. Dress the part with this Cupids Arrow Pin. (Photo by Trisha Zemp via The House That Lars Built)

22. Who doesn’t love a punny Valentines cookie? Especially when they come with printable Free Hand Lettered Cards. (Photo via The Alison Show)

23. Let your gal pals know that you ‘chews’ them with these cute “I Chews You” sweetie bags. (Photo via Fork & Beans)

24. Gift your friends this Leather Heart Pin, so that they are reminded how much you love them whenever they wear it. (Photo by Trisha Zemp via The House That Lars Built)

25. This DIY couldn’t be easier! Pick your pin and download your Flair Valentine Printables and your good to go. (Photo via Studio DIY)

26. Even if you think conversation hearts taste gross, you have to admit these Conversation Heart Boxes still look pretty sweet! (Photo via Damask Love)

27. Let your friends know what you really think of them with these Printable Gem Valentines Stickers. (Photo via Handmade Charlotte)

28. These Stamped Clay Bowls would make a perfect gift! (Photo by Melissa Fenlon via Alice & Lois)

29. These Conversation Heart Rings would make super cute pressies for Valentines day! (Photo by Jeff Mindell via Studio DIY)

30. This Heart Water Bottle would be a fab present for the gym bunny in your life. (Photo via A Bubbly Life)

31. Every girls needs this XO Heart Clutch in their life! (Photo by Laura Gummerman via A Beautiful Mess)

32. Here is a whole bunch of last minute drug store hacks for your besties. This ‘You’re The Balm’ Valentines is our fave! (Photo via Studio DIY)

33. If you need a gift that literally spells out how you feel these Gradient Message Macarons are just what you need. (Photo by Jared Smith via Sugar & Cloth)

34. Give your single gals pals a laugh with this Anti Conversation Heart Sweater. (Photo by Scott Woodman via Lovely Indeed)