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We’re super excited to be sharing not one, not two but three DIY hair clip tutorials today from one of our DIY contributors Kaleigh! There’s a clip to suit 3 different styles so whether you’re into rustic vibes, girlie florals or pretty pearls then there’s a tutorial for you, and all perfect timing with spring on the horizon! Over to Kaleigh from Paper Moon Collective to share more…

For a DIY bride it’s the handmade details that make the big day even more special. Creating something you can wear down the aisle means creating a keepsake that you can enjoy for years to come. No matter what your bridal style may be, these hair clips are guaranteed to add a unique touch to your look.

I’ve created three easy to make clips that can all be completed in just three simple steps!  No stressing over the little details here!


DIY Hair Clips 3 ways Flower floral beaded wedding gold_-2


A Barrette // Jute Ribbon // A Gem // Beads // Scissors // Wire Cutters (Optional) // Hot Glue Gun // Super Glue //


Cut a piece of jute to fit your barrette. Then apply hot glue to the top of the barrette and place the jute so no metal is showing. Cut any excess jute off.

DIY Hair Clips 3 ways Flower floral beaded wedding gold_-1


Using more hot glue, add your gem to the center of your barrette!

Tip: If your gem is actually a button like mine was, you may need to use wire cutters to clip off the back before gluing it to your barrette.


Add a small amount of super glue to the bottom of your beads and place them in a line on either side of your gem.


DIY Hair Clips 3 ways Flower floral beaded wedding gold_-4

You Will Need:

A Barrette // Faux Flowers & Leaves // Gray Felt // Scissors // Hot Glue Gun //


Start by laying out a design for your flowers.



DIY Watercolour Paint Headband Hairband Hair Scarf Tie-6

If you know me and Emily well then you’ll know that we love to dress colourfully all year round but with spring around the corner we’re starting to see more and more vibrant colours sneaking their way into the shops (yay!) so we thought the perfect way to accessorise up these outfits is with a watercolour headscarf! How adorable would these look on a bunch of bridesmaids?! Super cute! To create your own headscarf you will need:

A plain white cotton headscarf // Fabric Paints in 3 colours of your choice // Paint brushes // Water //

DIY Watercolour Paint Headband Hairband Hair Scarf Tie

Step 1: Squeeze your paints out onto a plate and get your pot of water at the ready!


Woohoo! Free Printable Hen Party Invites!

First of all, how god dam awesome are those headbands up there?! You can get your grubby mitts on some by heading on over to Crown & Glory and checking out the Rock n Roll Bride collection! As soon as we saw these headbands we just knew they would be AMAZING for a hen party…


Wedding DIY: How To Make A Pom-Pom Headband Crown From Yarn or Wool

Pom Pom Crown Main

So I have developed a bit of a crown obsession lately. Those that follow us on Instagram will know just how much I love a good crown and most of mine have been purchased from the very fabulous Crown & Glory. Today I thought I would give making my own crown a go as I pretty much want to own a crown of all shapes, sizes and colours. I have seen this type of crown floating around on Pinterest and Instagram lately and I thought it would be fun to give it a go, especially with lots of different colours!

You will need:

 A plain headband wool/ yarn in your choice of colours  Scissors  Fork 

Pom Pom Yarn Crown 1

Step 1: Take your wool and tie it around the prongs of the fork.

Step 2: Start by wrapping the wool around the fork.

Step 3: Keep wrapping the wool until you have a large bundle.