EEK! Happy Halloween ya’ll! On Saturday the day had finally arrived when I would throwing a murder mystery party! I had always wanted to host one of these and Halloween seemed like the perfect excuse to get everyone together to play such a fun game! So a few months ago I started trawling through the web to find out everything I could about throwing a murder mystery party and how they worked! I knew everyone would be given characters and we would have to figure out who was the murderer!

I Looked through so many websites with murder mystery games that you could download and saw so many different themes, there a lot of 1920s, great Gatsby style games but it didn’t really feel like us and I wanted something that could actually be made a bit spooky! There was also Las Vegas style ones, hen party games, but nothing seemed to fit until I came across ‘Slaughter At The Circus!’ Perfect I thought, circus’s are super colourful and fun, plus the costumes could definitely be creepy! I bought this game, and while the graphics were absolutely shockingly terrible within the pack the whole storyline was there and looked like great fun! I redesigned the invitations, and decided which of my friends would work best playing each of the characters! There were clowns, fortune tellers, acrobats, a ring leader, a lion tamer and so much more to choose from and let me tell you, the girls did not disappoint! Everyone went to town on their costumes!

Obviously for me, one of the most important things of the night was the decorations, we decided to hold the party at my parents place since there would be more room for all of us and they have white walls everywhere! This was a huge space to fill though and the lighting down was also shocking as we found out once the party had commenced! ha!



Yayyyy I’m so super excited to say that the Halloween DIYs officially start here! I love Halloween, even though I’m terrified of my own shadow and you probably couldn’t pay me to watch a horror film! This year I am particularly excited though because I’m going to be hosting a murder mystery party! There’s going…