With Spring officially here we’ve been getting into the spirit by swooning over the pastel collection of wedding goodies in BB Boutique! From pom poms to lollipops, chocolates and crowns, it’s hard to choose with so much pretty!! Here’s our favourite spring pastels that are perfect for a beautiful Spring wedding… Ombre Pyramid Chocolates Unique…



How to make a succulent crown - boho bride

If I had to pick just one fashion item to take with me to a festival, it would be a flower crown for sure! I dont even think I would call it a trend anymore, more like a summer staple! I’m convinced flower crowns are here to stay!  If you can’t already tell, I am obsessed, if I could wear fresh flowers crowns everyday then I sure would, but being eco conscious I would prefer to save such luxuries for special occasions, a wedding being the perfect opportunity!

I have to admit this has to be one of my all time favourite crowns, Interflora always nail our concepts (they designed this vibrant crown for us last year!). This time we tasked them with the challenge of a succulent crown and true to form they delivered the most gorgeous piece of what can only be called art! Its full of bright oranges, pinks & yellows, very Bespoke Bride if I might add! You are going to love it!!!

How to make a succulent crown Final crown - detail Flower detail Echeveria Ingredients - white bgd

You Will Need

2 x Orange Gerberas// 2 Craspedia Heads// 1 x Bunch of Pink Hypericum Berries// 1 x Piano Rose// 1 x Pink  Peony// 3 x Orange Roses// 1 x Bunch of Eryngium Thistle// 4 x Pale Pink Astilbe// 3 x Bunches of Achillea// 1 x Grey Echeveria// Florist Wire// Florist Tape// Scissors//

How to make a succulent crown -Step 1

Step 1

To make the base of the crown, tape two pre cut lengths of florist wire together with florist tape. Cover the wire by wrapping a length of florist tape around it.

Top Tip! To get the perfect fit, measure around your head with with a length of yarn and cut your florist wire to size.


15 Bridal & Festival Crowns That We LOVE!

It’s no secret that here at Bespoke Bride me & Emily love a good crown! We’ll place flowers, feathers and frills upon our heads and luckily for us, they seem to be popping up all over the high street! The best part? They’re affordable and beautiful!! I’ve narrowed down my absolute faves to share with you but BE WARNED….You may feel the urge to buy a few of these beauts! Boohoo Crown 1. First up is this Fearne floral crown from and guess what? It’s only £8! What a bargain!