The last thing any bride wants is to look at their wedding snaps and see bags under their eyes – bigger than the bouquet – staring back! Weddings equal stress. Simple as that. There is no way to avoid it short of eloping to Gretna Green – and well that’s a little bit old…



Emily Tenby

If you have never heard of Endometriosis, don’t worry you are not alone, 20% of women have never heard of the condition, a shocking statistic when taking into account that 1.5 Million women are currently suffering from the disease here in the UK. Caused when cells like the ones found inside the lining of the womb, grow on the outside of the Uterus, Ovaries and Fallopian Tubes, Endometriosis causes inflammation, pain and scar tissue which can lead to infertility, fatigue, bowel and bladder problems.

Next Saturday marks the 3rd anniversary of EndoMarch here in the UK, supporters across the globe take place in a peaceful march to raise awareness of those suffering from the disease. As I will be unable to attend the event this year, I wanted to share my own experience of living with the condition in support. Be warned this is a wordy post and not for the faint hearted, so if you’re eating breakfast you might want to finish up before continuing.

Like many girls, I had my first period at the age of 11, I was in my last few months of primary school and I remember feeling a dull ache at the bottom of my stomach, followed by the sensation of feeling like I’d just wet myself. A quick trip to the loo confirmed my suspicions that I had just experienced what it felt like to have a period and so I sent a trusted friend to get a teacher as I was completely unprepared. The teacher came into the toilet with a sanitary towel and passed it to me, she then shook my hand and said ‘Welcome to womanhood’. Little did I know Womanhood was going to make my life utterly miserable at times.

By the time I was 13 my periods had become unbearable, they were extremely heavy and terribly painful, I was missing days at school and having to excuse myself from sports. It was embarrassing always having to make excuses, and I swear the teachers thought I was just being lazy, little did they know that I used to really enjoy sport, in fact exercise would ease the pain, but at school I felt self-conscious, that any extra exertion would cause embarrassment in the changing rooms after.

As I started to get older I was beginning to get more and more frustrated that I was starting to miss out on the experiences my other friends were having just because of my period. When I was 16 I was invited on a school trip to Barcelona. Before then I had never been on a trip away for more than a day, as without a word of a lie every trip would fall on ‘my time of the month’ and I just couldn’t take the added stress. However as I was nearly at the end of school I forced myself to go, lots of my friends were going and I didn’t want to miss out. However, there was one thing worrying me. Yup you’ve guessed it! My dreaded period was due the day we were to fly and it was going to mean I would miss out on the luxury of relaxing around the pool in my bikini or even going swimming.

I was determined to fit it on that holiday, so a month or so before we were due to go, I tried Tampons, but they were too painful, so I resigned myself to knowing, I had just set myself up for the most miserable trip ever. Anticipating 30 degree heat, I packed my suitcase full of trousers and big pants, whilst everyone else packed bikinis and short skirts. To be honest the holiday wasn’t that bad and I ended up dodging the swimming pool completely to avoid any awkward questions, but I knew as soon as I got home, something had to be done, I couldn’t live like this forever.


So You Want to Lose Weight For Your Wedding? Read this First!


It is that time of year again! Christmas is just around the corner and if you are anything like me, it is a month for pure indulgence. Before you know it, the New Year is here and without a second thought you are making resolutions for a healthier, fitter, leaner new you for the New Year. Within weeks I will have failed and I will back to periodic spats of dieting and clean eating but nothing lasts forever.

Weight loss is something scarcely discussed here as I know all too well how much pressure there is on women to feel as though they need to lose weight and it can really get you down. I did once write a post asking our readers whether they thought losing weight for a wedding was a good or bad idea?. I was quite surprised by the response as I thought it would be very divided, yet the general consensus was that a wedding is great motivation for getting your butt into shape, but the choice to get healthy and lose weight should be more about making a life change and building confidence, rather than just about losing weight for a special event.

We would never want the women that come here to feel pressured into losing weight, instead we want to provide women with the information they will need to build confidence should they need it and if they do decide to journey into weight loss, then we will provide the information needed to undertake it safely and responsibly. That is where Mirinda Fleur from Body Meet Bride Comes in…


Mirinda is a nutritionist, trainer and coach on an incredible journey, empowering women to become their healthiest, happiest and most confident, through education, positivity, balance, and of course endless support and we have asked her to share her story with you.

“Since I was a teenager I had been interested in health, diet and fitness but I 100% did not know the right way to go about it and got so confused by all the info and health gimmicks out there, it can be overwhelming! I could go into details of some health issues I had regarding my thyroid, my unrealistic expectations etc but you’re a girl you get it 😉

It was when I decided to see a Naturopath for a detox program that I fell in love with the world of alternative medicine, I remember feeling that ‘Uh Huh’ moment of things just starting to make sense and realized this is the world I want to be in (I was studying Fashion Marketing at the time so quite a change!) Literally within a month I had enrolled into Nutrition College and I never looked back! I am now a certified Nutritionist, Health Coach, Personal Trainer and have just enrolled for Yoga Teacher Training, Yippeee! The learning never stops and I love exposing myself to new knowledge to share and inspire my brides to be.

 A few quick “fun facts” about me:

 I love food…and I mean all food, I don’t have a “perfect” diet all the time, I eat chocolate, I eat pizza and I enjoy every bite (to me health is about balance and been “naughty” sometimes is totally ok!)

 I did Zumba for the first time this year (shocking it took me this long to build up the courage to go!) and I’m addicted, it seriously boosts your confidence, gets you sweating & is just insanely fun, I highly suggest grabbing your girlfriend and going!

I have a 5 month old Chihuahua named Beefy (my boyfriend named her!) who is incredibly entertaining & loving!

My top 3 favourite foods are sweet potatoes, pomegranates & chocolate covered almonds 😉

About Body meet Bride

During my Health Coaching studies I was exposed to the amazing opportunities that online business brings, and the possibility of been able to help people from anywhere was so exciting!

Body meet Bride honestly came to me quite randomly!!! I knew I wanted to work with women to help them find a healthy balance, build confidence, feel strong, empower them with knowledge and help them learn to live a healthy happy life. As a woman I know most brides to be want & need these things for their big day but also long after! I thought reaching out to brides would be a great way to help women who might not usually invest in themselves and who finally had the perfect motivation to treat themselves to finding their health!

The philosophy of Body meet Bride is a stress free, holistic, realistic, educational approach to achieving your goals. This program is about empowering yourself whether you want to lose weight, tone up, get clearer skin or more energy; anything is possible.

Every woman deserves to look and feel her absolute best on her wedding day but I also believe every woman deserves to feel that way every day too and it is my wish that Body meet Bride will give women the knowledge and tools to achieve both!