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Eek! Halloween is on our doorsteps and I am so god dam excited! I LOVE halloween! This year me and Em are heading to one of our favourite bars to end this month with plenty of cocktails! It certainly has been an epic October for us with the launch of BB Boutique, winning the award for Best DIY Wedding Blog & starting our pre crowd funding campaign so there’s PLENTY of reasons to celebrate! Here’s what else we’ve been loving this month…
♥ My sister coming home!! She’s been in the US for 5 months working and travelling and basically having the time of her life but I am SO happy to have her back! We surprised all of the family with her return and it was so amazing seeing their reactions! Needless to say there was lots of tears! 
♥ Winning Best DIY wedding blog for the second year in a  row! EEEEEK! We are so so so thankful to everyone that voted for us, we work really hard on our tutorials and it’s so amazing to see the love return and know that you guys enjoy them as much as we do!
♥ Catching up with our fellow wedding bloggers & industry faves at the awards! We had so much with Festival Brides, Mr & Mrs Unique, The Wedding Bazaar, Choccy Woccy Doodah, Binky Nixon, The Bijou Bride, the list goes on! It’s always so fun getting all dressed up and celebrating each others success! 
♥ The launch of the boutique!! I couldn’t not include this could I?! After years of hard work it finally went live filled to the brim with amazing suppliers and we couldn’t be happier! There are more and more suppliers being added every week so be sure to keep your eye out!
♥ Spending a few days in Wales with James, we went to Snowdon a couple of years ago and had such a lovely time that we thought it would be cute to head back to the same place! So we took the road trip down and stayed in a lovely little pub with a roaring fire! It was the perfect little autumn/winter getaway.
♥ Watching Years and Years! We saw them at Birmingham and they were bloody brilliant! I am so obsessed with their album and it’s so good to see someone local to us doing so well in the music industry! 

♥ Ahhhh!! There are so many things to talk about! Firstly we launched BB boutique and it has been epic!! The site had thousands of visits on its first day and the response was phenomenal! How can we ever thank you for your support? I can’t wait to see where this little venture of ours takes us next!

♥ As if we hadn’t shouted about it enough! We won ‘Best Wedding DIY Blog’ at the Wedding Blog Awards. As Jess said, we absolutely love working on our tutorials and we are just so thrilled to hear you love them just as much!

♥ In other news we launched a pre-crowdfunding campaign! If you haven’t shown your support yet please click here, set up your account then click here to show your support! Thank you!!

♥ Getting ready for Halloween! I have made giant spiders out of balloons and streamers and gone a little overboard with the fake cobweb stuff. Next up are the pumpkins!

♥ Movie night with my little bro in his new house!

♥ Pub Grub, wine and gossiping with old friends! We might not see each other as often as we would all like, but when we get together it’s just like old times! 

♥ Pun-Kins!! I am so obsessed with these! (Photos by Jeff Mindel via Studio DIY)

♥ Gold Foil Wall Art & Printables

♥ Seahorse Unicorn Piñata! (OH MY GOD!) 

♥ Ice Cream Pumpkins

♥ Graphic Print Memo Board

♥ Printable Unicorn Gift Tags


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Anybody else feel like they blinked and August happened? Yep. Me too. This month has been an exciting one for us to say the least! Not only did Emily get engaged (yay!!) but we also launched BB crafty club AND are super super close to sharing the boutique with you guys! EEK! Watch this space it’s coming oh so very soon! For now though here’s what else we’ve been loving and getting up to this past month! 
♥ Going to the Etsy Wedding Breakfast! We headed up to London this week to attend the most gorgeous flower arranging workshop and got to really indulge in yummy food when we were there too!  We’ll be sharing more on this event soon so watch this space!
♥ Rum bar! It’s becoming my new local on the weekend and I absolutely love it! The cocktails there are delicious and I adore the effort that goes in to making the cocktails look epic!
♥ Bristol Balloon Fiesta! I hadn’t been since I was a little girl and it was brilliant to go again and see all of the balloons take off! We took a little picnic and got ourselves a prime seat for the big launch!
♥ Having cocktails with the Costa Sisters! These babes are the absolute best and we always end up laughing our heads off when we’re together! We had such a yummy meal at Las Iguanas (and one too many mojitos!) then headed to Buffalo bar for the most amazing raspberry cream soda! 
♥ OMBRE NAILS! I had mine done all different colours this week and I absolutely love them! They’re very my little pony! You can see them on our Instagram! 
♥ All of the exciting projects that we’re working on right now! As you already know our brand new subscription boxes are available RIGHT NOW and the boutique will be with you gorgeous lot in a matter of weeks! EEK!!! 
♥ Natural skincare products, i’ve been absolutely obsessed with putting coconut oil all over my face and now i’m so excited that someone local to us is launching an entire range of products! There’s a coconut & pumice exfoliator, an avocado & safflower day moisturiser and even a carrot & comfrey face mask, plus loads more! I can’t wait to try them and if you’re all for natural ingredients like I am then you can check it out here!

♥ Of course the highlight of my month has been announcing our engagement!! We have been so overwhelmed with so many messages of love and support! I am so excited to be able to share this journey on our blog! 

♥ Another particular highlight has been getting my engagement ring. When Mr T proposed he wanted us to design an engagement ring together! I’ll be writing more about that on the blog soon but all I will say for now is, I never thought I could love a piece of jewellery so much! It is so important to us and I will cherish it forever!

♥ Heading down to the Gower for a long weekend camping. We spent the day doing a coastal walk on the south Gower and ended watching the sun set over the cliffs. It was so beautiful although I really feel as though we waved goodbye to summer that night as the next day the heavens well and truly opened! 

♥ Due to bad weather we were pretty much forced inside for much of the weekend so we took ourselves off to the the cinema to watch ‘inside Out! It might be a kids film but it was so good! It certainly made me think about making memories and I have decided to take lots more photos from now on! I don’t want to forget anything! 

♥ I might have mentioned once or twice that this month has been a month of big announcements and launching our subscription boxes has been so exciting! We had so much fun curating the first box and I can’t wait for you guys to see what’s in them! 

♥ Last but certainly not least we have spent the last few weeks getting our first few suppliers signed up to our new boutique which is due to launch very soon! As we get closer to you guys seeing it for real, I am getting super excited/ nervous but I just know you are going to love it!

♥ Cookie Cutter Jewellery Trays (Above images by and via Aww Sam)

♥ Pom Pom Party Hats

♥ Snack Attack: Chocolate Dipped Bananas

♥ Emoji Heart Balloons (OMG I’m In Love!!!!)


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WOW, Seriously, where did June go?! I feel like this month has been kind of a whirlwind / roller coaster! We have been very busy little bees attending the Blogcademy, Blogtacular, The Hub & on top of that Emily has jetted off to gorgeous Mexico and I’m off to the Dominic in a couple of weeks so we’ve been working extra hard to ensure there’s lots of delicious content for you to devour when we’re away! It truly has been one AWESOME month! Here’s what we’ve been loving about June…
♥ Styling and attending the Blogcademy! We’re going to be sharing more on this soon but it was such an awesome experience to attend the class again and get a refresher! Me and Em came away so inspired again and can’t wait to get cracking on some new ideas we have!
♥ Having BBQs! I went to two this past weekend and I just really bloody love being able to sit outside, eating yummy food and drinking fruity cider while being surrounded by friends! We all had so much fun and I can’t wait for many more in the summer!
♥ Going to Blogtacular with Cricut, we got to show off the awesome machine to lots of craft bloggers and they were just as amazed as we were once we first discovered it! It was also super interesting to sit in on talks with Pinterest and Grace Bonney from Design Sponge! 
♥ Talking at The Hub, this event was really inspiring to be a part of and we were so honoured when asked to speak there! The wedding industry really needed an event like this and I’m so glad it’s now been created! Not only was it filled with fantastic women talking about all aspects of business, blogging and the industry but the decor was also epic and the food was super yum! I mean who doesn’t love an event that has a scheduled tea and cake time?! 
♥ Celebrating my birthday! Me and the girls headed to the rum bar in Chepstow and totally indulged in the cocktails! It was ace to spend the evening laughing and dancing! James also took me out to my favourite Italian restaurant (San Carlo in Bristol) and I had THE BEST pasta ever! It was called the trio of pasta and the chef randomly selects 3 different dishes for you try, needless to say they were all amaze!
♥ Seeing my sister having the time of her life! She’s in America for around 6 months teaching kids rock climbing and zip lining at a summer camp and it looks so fun! I am so desperate to go out there and see her!

♥ Well it’s obvious that top of my love list this month has to be that I am currently on my hols in Mexico! We are having the most amazing time, the weather is just beautiful and I am feeling thoroughly relaxed! 

♥ Our hotel here is pretty damn awesome, it is set in the middle of a jungle and is surrounded by wildlife, which is pretty much my dream. We wake every day to an iguana at our patio window and then walk through a forest to breakfast where we have seen howler monkeys, deer and possum type things that I am yet to fully identify?

♥ Visiting my favourite theme/wildlife park in the whole world ‘Xcaret’! We have been here before but we couldn’t resist visiting a second time. It is such an amazing place, surrounded by all types of wildlife, jungle and underground rivers it was so much fun! My favourite part has to be watching the voladores de papantla or flying men. Five men start at the top of a 60ft pole playing music with sticks and whistles and then they perform all sorts of crazy moves like jumping on top of the poll on one foot and leaning of the edge whilst playing the whistles, all completely unaided, until eventually four of the men fall over the edge tied to ribbon and the spin and spin until the reach the ground. If you have no idea what I am talking about YouTube them, you will be amazed!

♥ Watching the end of night Mexican show! I loved learning all about he Mayan history and cultures in different parts of Mexico.

♥ Exploring Xelha, snorkelling in a massive lagoon, swimming in cenotes and the highlight was riding a zip bike over the jungle canopy!

♥ Swimming with Whale Sharks!! I have sooooo wanted to do this again after swimming with them in Maldives last year! This time we saw 2 and we were able to swim with them 3 times as they stuck to the same area feeding! It was epic!! if you have ever have the chance do it, they are the most amazing creatures and the sheer size of them is astounding!

♥ When Life Gives You Lemons: DIY Lemon Photo Booth (Above photos by Jeff Mindel via Studio DIY)

♥ Tulle Circle Skirt

♥ Teacup Garland 

♥ Mixed Metallic Succulent Table Runner


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Me and Emily are huge believers in paying it forward and helping other people out whenever and wherever we can, there’s something so rewarding about bringing a smile to someone’s face, even in the smallest way! Sometimes it’s not always easy to do your ‘daily good deed’ and before you know it time has ticked on without helping some one else out for a while. Well, not anymore. Our friends Saf and Simon have launched the most AWESOME new social network that connects people who need help with people who want to help! You might even be able to help someone from your sofa and earn yourself some ‘karma points’ while you’re at it! It really can be that simple! You can read all about it here and even donate to help fund the social network go even further! We bloody love the idea and can’t wait to get started ourselves! Here’s what else we’ve been loving this week…

♥ Having our styled shoot with Free People and tons of other talented suppliers! We’ll be sharing more about it here soon with a behind the scenes but we were so over the moon with how it turned out and loved the festival spirit of everyone! 
♥ Having my friend Anne come and stay for the weekend, it was so nice to see her and spend time with her! 
♥ Rock climbing! LOL! Who ever thought I would say that, I’m terrified of heights but me, Anne and my sister Lyd headed to a rock climbing centre last weekend and I really enjoyed the challenge! Granted, I freaked out a lot but I was still proud of myself!
♥ Meeting up with Emily, Erin & Helen for lunch at Wagamamas! It was so nice to have loads of blogger chat over a big bowl of yummy noodles!
♥ Lyd’s birthday! We’re going to have a spa day next week as a delayed celebration and I can’t wait to get pampered & massaged! 
♥ Chepstow on a bank holiday, it’s always so much fun because you end up seeing so many people that you haven’t seen for so long! The Rum Bar held a Gatsby themed night too complete with a Photo Booth so naturally we were in it most of the night!

♥ Getting into the festival spirit for our styled shoot with Free People! We are just so excited to share this collab with you!!!
♥ Last weekend was part 2 of my friends hen. We started the day with a quiz over lunch, just to find out exactly how much our bride knew about her groom (if you ask me, we found out a little too much :D) and then that evening was spent drinking cocktails, eating yummy food at Las Iguanas and then on to watch Dirty Dancing! I think it was fair to say our bride ‘had the time of her life’!
♥ It is safe to say I spent the rest of Sunday recovering from the weekends hen shenanigans but as it was bank holiday I couldn’t  be a total lazy bum, so Monday we headed to the garden centre, which sounds very grown up doesn’t it, but I don’t care, I loved it 😀
♥ This week I also become mommy to a new kitty called Nori. She is a rescue, we think about 2 years old and was found living under a hedge. We have no idea how she came to be there but she was never found by her owners and as the original finders couldn’t keep her, I just had to have her with me. I was a little worried at first about how she would be with Mr Popo our man around the house, and at first he was not happy but yesterday I caught them snuggled on my bed together so I think they are going to be best of friends!
♥ Lunch with Helen, Erin & Emily. We talked all things blogging which was lots of fun! 
♥ Exciting talks with Cricut! I can’t say too much (which I know is really annoying) but lets just say uber amazing things are happening!!!


♥ Emoji Clutch DIY (Above photos by Laura Gummerman via A Beautiful Mess)

♥ How to Make DIY Lip Balm with Just Two Ingredients

♥ DIY Donut Necklace