I don’t know about you, but I’m a serious list maker! There’s something so therapeutic to me about getting everything I need to do out of my head and onto a list, it helps me feel more organised and I know there’s no way i’m going to forget anything because i’ve got it all written down in front of me! That being said, the same applies to weddings. The lead up to a wedding can be quite a stressful, manic time, worrying if you’ve remembered everything and trying to get everything organised in time, we feel you! So to help we’ve created this handy last minute wedding checklist!

Of course not everything will apply to everyone, you may be having a minimal wedding with less things to remember or perhaps you’ve actually got more things you need to add to the list, well do not worry, we’ve left spaces for you add in your own options if you need to!


Eeek! 2017 is nearly over and we are so sad to be waving it goodbye!! I can officially say this year has been one of the best years for me personally, with the birth of my baby nephew Corey James, who is now the little light of my life! And, I know I speak for both myself and Jess when I say we could never have predicted just how successful the launch of our very own shop was going to be this year! It’s been phenomenal and we can’t thank you guys enough for your support!

We’re not quite sure what 2018 has in store for us yet, but before we start making any more plans let’s take a look back at 2017 and appreciate all the wonderful things it threw our way!


Oh we love a free printable don’t we?! And what better time to give freebies than at Chrsitmas?! Remember last year when we created this fun free printable pool float gift wrap?! Or this flair wrapping paper?! We even designed some cute printable gift tags last year and you guys loved our printable Christmas envelope liners too! Well this year is no exception and today I wanted to share with you our free printable wrapping paper for 2017!

We’ve really upped the cute factor this time and love the pastel colour scheme! There are 3 different designs to choose from (or why choose when you can just have them all?!). First up is the adorable gingerbread man, he’s backed onto a white background and looks adorable with pink ribbon wrapped around the gift! Then there’s our pastel blue gift wrap with candy canes and lollipops on! Then there’s also our pastel pink wrap with delicious mugs of hot chocolate all over! Fun right?! You can download them all below:


When it comes to Christmas do you like to keep it traditional with reds and greens or go bright and colourful with non traditional colours like pinks and blues? It probably comes as no surprise to you that I’m the latter! My Christmas tree is covered in rainbow coloured baubles with a huge gold star on top and I couldn’t love it more! This year I really wanted to add a bunch of Christmas props to the shop that were non-traditional, colourful, unique and funny, so of course we had to add in a few festive puns! (By the way if you love puns as much as we do then check out our Christmas pun vinyl glass stickers here!)

There are 22 Christmas photo booth props in total so plenty to keep your guests or family entertained whether you’re using them on Christmas day or throwing a festive party on the lead up to the big day! These are as follows: