Backdrops are the bomb am I right? Whether you want to use one for a photo booth, set the background for a dessert table or even style one up for an altar they’re the perfect way to update the look of a room very quickly! So if your venue just happens to have a plain wall that you’re wanting to style up or maybe even use for a Photo Booth back drop then today’s DIY is for you! Not to mention it’s probably the easiest backdrop DIY we’ve ever made!

Plain paper in a variety of colours (We bought a 12 x 12 pack) // A pair of scissors // A ruler // white tac // A pencil //
Draw the shape of a geometric heart using your pencil and a ruler onto one of your sheets of paper or onto a piece of card, then cut it out. We sized our hearts roughly 10 inches by 10 inches.

Pssst…If you want to know what props we’re using in these photos it’s our Snapchat photo booth props! So fun right?! You can grab the original set and the new set below if you want them for your own booth!

Use this shape as a stencil to cut out the rest of the hearts, so simply trace around the outside of it onto each piece of colourful paper and then cut them all out until you have enough hearts to fill the space of the wall you need to cover.


Can you guys believe it’s been 6 months since we released our printable snapchat Photo Booth props!? I can’t believe how quick time is flying by and we thought it was about time that we created a new bunch of snapchat props featuring all the latest and greatest filters! We all know that they change and update them on a regular basis and we wanted to make sure that you guys don’t go without all the new fun ones!

What’s your favourite at the moment?! I’m obsessed with the leopard print ears and the floppy bunny ears, they’re just so darn cute! To make your own props firstly you’ll need to grab the filters below..

Then all you need to do is print off the templates onto white card, cut them out and adhere them to a bunch of BBQ skewers! Easy peasy and you can bet your bottom dollar that your guests will have a blast using them in the Photo Booth!!

The templates include…

The racoon filter
The floppy bunny ears filter
Two sets of new flower crown filters
The pig
The leopard ears and nose filter
Two sets of glasses (in pink and purple)
Heart eyes
The Hello Kitty crown!

And don’t forget that we also have a bunch of original snapchat filter props available here which features the dog filter, the deer filter, two sets of flower crown filters, a Dalmatian, the cat filter, two sets of rainbow filters and another bunny!


HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! I am so excited to share this easy DIY balloon garland with you today even though it’s not very Valentines-ey! Although it totally could be if you used pink and red balloons??

Anyway I think today’s tutorial is the perfect statement decor to add to a sweet or cake table and you could even make it longer and use it as a table runner or a ceremonial arch! The delicate florals add a touch of class, whilst the balloons are the perfect amount of whimsy and best of all, it so incredibly easy to make!

I have always wanted to make a balloon table runner but always imagined you would need loads of special wires and stuff to make it happen. Well, it turns our I was totally wrong! All you need is string (you can also use fishing wire), a pair of scissors and balloons in the colours & sizes of your choice, this one was 5 1/2 ft and used 41 balloons all of the same standard balloon size, so you can use that as a basic guide.

I was totally inspired by the Eclectic Ski Lodge Shoot we featured here a couple of weeks back, so decided to use similar colours and loved the idea of adding flowers & foliage, making it the perfect decor for a wedding.  And if your wondering how long it took me to create this garland it was between 1-2 hours when you add in the fact that I kept stopping for tea breaks! Not bad eh!

Start by inflating your balloons.

Tie a 3 inch piece of string around the knot of your balloon making sure it is secure.

Now cut a piece a string a length of string to the size you would like your garland to be. You may find it easier to elevate your string off the ground somehow by tying it to the backs of two chairs but I found it just as easy working with the string flat on the table. It also helped to make sure there were no gaps underneath as I originally wanted this to be a table runner.


I am so excited to share today’s DIY with you! You might recognise these hearts from our Emoji Heart Ice Bucket, but they are just so darn cute, I couldn’t help but turn them into a backdrop too because ‘why not?’, it’s Valentines!

I had this idea after sharing our fave backdrop ideas a couple of weeks back, as it suddenly occurred to me that we hadn’t really done a whole load of backdrop DIY’s here at Bespoke Bride, which is insane when you consider how expensive backdrops can be? So I am now determined to come up with a whole load of new backdrop ideas over the coming months and this is the first of many cute and budget friendly ideas!

As with the ice bucket this DIY uses vinyl which means it won’t leave any sticky marks or residue on your walls – great if you’re venue isn’t keen on the idea of using any kinds of adhesive. Plus the vinyl is really sturdy and will be sure to stay up for as long as your need. I created this statement wall in my office last week and I still have it up as it is just too cute to take down! So whether your want a temporary backdrop or a more permanent installation for your home, this DIY is for you.

Vinyl (We used Cricut ‘Sunshine’ & ‘Flamingo’) | Cricut Explore (or you can cut the stencil’s out free hand if you don’t have one) | Emoji Heart Template 1 | Emoji Heart Template 2 |
Upload the heart templates to the Cricut Design Space and resize to the size you want, I made mine in two sizes which were 10.5 inches and 7.5 inches , then I adjusted the size of the yellow sparkles to match. You’ll then want to duplicate the shapes as many times as you require to cover your wall.
Place your ‘Flamingo’ vinyl onto your sticky mat and load into the machine, set your Cricut to cut vinyl and press ‘go’!
Once your machine has finished cutting out all of the pink hearts, repeat step two with your yellow vinyl and allow it to cut out all of the sparkles.