Awww, you guys! Today is the last WWP of 2017. Yes, it is one day early but that’s because, tomorrow we will be launching a huge sale in the shop, so if you’re looking for a fun gift for Christmas this year, be sure to stop by.

It’s currently all systems go here, as I’m officially one week away from leaving for Sri Lanka!! Seriously, where’s that time gone?? I still feel like I’ve got so much to do before we go, like, oh I don’t know? Plan for the whole of Christmas! Time to stop ranting, here’s a load of posts I’ve been procrastinating over instead, some of which will hopefully kick start your own weekend of wedding planning.



Did someone just say Christmas? No way! Usually I am very strict about when we can start feeling festive in our household. Normally it’s the weekend after my birthday, but as we will be out of the country for much of December this year, I have relaxed the rules a little as I don’t want there to be a mad Christmas rush the week we come back from Sri Lanka. So this year for the first time ever, we will be putting up our Christmas tree in NOVEMBER!! Jess has already pipped me to the post as she put her Christmas tree up this week in preparation for our Christmas DIY’s which will be starting next month and sitting their eating lunch with her yesterday and I strangely felt myself feeling rather Christmassy. So when do you decorate for Christmas? Is November too early?

Talking of Christmas, here are some festive links, great if your putting the final touches to a December wedding…



This week has been crazy busy! Nowadays, that is something I don’t often like to admit as I try to prioritize but it’s been hard to avoid with our Sri Lanka trip just 3 weeks away. I can’t wait to get our travels started, but anyone who is self employed will know, it can be…



It’s that time of the week again! You might remember, I took a month long break from wedding planning last month, as I didn’t really feel like there was much more I could do after our chosen celebrant/ planner said I wouldn’t be able to book our ceremony venue until 3 months in advance. Feeling like I had been left in limbo, I temporarily broke my ban to take to the pages of a Facebook group I’m in, to find out how soon other destination brides could book and the general consensus was that a year in advance was pretty standard. Needless to say, I’m beginning to  think we might need to look at some other options. The only problem is, I now have zero motivation! So my question is what do you do get yourself back in the wedding planning bubble?