Eeek! 2017 is nearly over and we are so sad to be waving it goodbye!! I can officially say this year has been one of the best years for me personally, with the birth of my baby nephew Corey James, who is now the little light of my life! And, I know I speak for both myself and Jess when I say we could never have predicted just how successful the launch of our very own shop was going to be this year! It’s been phenomenal and we can’t thank you guys enough for your support!

We’re not quite sure what 2018 has in store for us yet, but before we start making any more plans let’s take a look back at 2017 and appreciate all the wonderful things it threw our way!



Did you know that since the launch of Bespoke Bride in 2011 we have created over 300 DIY’s? Now, that’s alot of time spent researching, designing and making but what really makes it all worth it. is when our readers share photos of their finished projects with us. Those of you that use Pinterest will have seen that their is now an option to mark a pin as ‘tried’, where you can also add comments and pictures of your creations. These can be difficult to spot and we do sometimes miss them which, is why we are now encouraging you to tag us using our hashtag (#BespokeBrideDIY) on Instagram.

However, don’t worry as not all projects are lost in the depths of Pinterest and we have been fortunate enough to save some of your amazing feedback which we would love to share with you today? Over time many of you have asked questions about the difficulty level of our DIY’s and how well the finished versions held up, so we thought you might find our readers experiences useful, starting with what they thought of our Beyonce Lyric Glasses.



Welcome back to our second edition of Weekend Wedding Planning. We hope you enjoyed last weeks links and found some helpful tips among my ramblings. This weekend we are heading to Carmarthenshire to celebrate the wedding of a our real bride reporter, to her beau, you might otherwise know them as Sophie & Gareth of Crown & Glory.

I realize its terribly unoriginal to comment on how quickly it has come around but it does really feel like just yesterday we were sharing their engagement story and ‘boom’ tomorrow is the wedding. I’m already second guessing myself as to whether or not 18 months is going to give us enough time to plan our destination wedding? But then I remind myself of how Merari & Fernando planned an intimate ceremony in Tree People Park in just 12 weeks and of Maren & Jon who planned their colourful Las Vegas wedding in just 10! It’s these stories that remind me of why we chose a destination wedding in the first place, to keep it simple and relaxed so I really should just stop with the fretting already!

This week has been fairly quiet on the wedding planning front, I’ve mainly just been showing photos of our wedding ceremony location to Mr T and informing our family and friends of our plans. However there was one exciting thing that I did this week and that was to start looking for wedding dresses and I mean really looking.



Happy Friday guys! I am SO SO SO excited about today’s DIY I can’t even tell you! As you know we’re big fans of Beyoncé around here, so much so that we created these fun Beyoncé lyric glassware stickers for bachelorette or birthday parties, bridal showers or just everyday life! I’ve wanted to create some…