Behind The Scenes Bespoke Bride Media Kit Shoot Craig Dearsley-7

Monday was a very exciting day for us. It was the shoot for our new media kit! Of course, the one and only Craig Dearsley was shooting it for us and he was bringing his kick ass other half Veronica dearley along to help! We were beyond excited, so we packed up our cars full to the brim with pretty props, colourful backgrounds and oversized balloons and headed to Cave Studios where the magic was going to happen!

Behind The Scenes Bespoke Bride Media Kit Shoot Craig Dearsley-14

We spent the day posing, dancing, jumping, laughing, eating strawberries & having fun! Whoever said working isn’t supposed to be fun is just a big loser let’s be honest because we loved every minute of it!

Here’s some behind the scenes shots and a little video of what we got up to on the day… P.S These epic props are from Hey Style and we’re wearing clothes from the ASOS occasion collection! My spikey headband is also Crown and Glory

Behind The Scenes Bespoke Bride Media Kit Shoot Craig Dearsley-16


“Oh I Do Like To be Beside the Seaside…”- A Shoot with the Fabulous Craig Dearsley!


We have been sooooooo excited to share these photos with you guys!! Our latest shoot was the brainchild of the god damn awesome Craig Dearsley, a fab photographer and husband to the equally talented and beautiful Veronica Dearly (You may remember her as the creator of ‘The Extra-Ordinarily Helpful Introduction to Planning a Wedding). We first met this uber cool couple at the Designer Vintage Wedding Show in Worcester last year. We instantly hit it off after having a very weird conversation about chairs and have kept in touch ever since.






Off the Record: More Photoshoots, Sun, Sea and Sand!

Happy Sunday!! Well that week went pretty darn fast didn’t it? I don’t know about you but I am still trying to resist the temptation to dive in to munching on all my Easter eggs, I had 5 in total, yes 5! How lucky am I! I am being a good girl however and just have a little nibble now and again!

Instagram April 7

We have had a lot of fun this week, as we traveled all the way to sunny (but still very cold) Weston Super Mare for a photoshoot with the fantabulous Craig Dearsley and his beautiful wife Ronnie. It was great to catch up with the both of them, they made us laugh so much our faces were hurting. Make up artist Grace Kingsley also joined us and had me all excited when she just so happen to mention she had recently worked as a makeup artist on ‘Broadchurch’. The show is currently running on BBC1 and I am well and truly hooked. I did try to probe her about the ending but as only true pros can, she maintained her tight lip.  The final addition to our team was Andy from Lovebus Weddings and his super cool refurbished camper van. She looked so pretty sat on a sunny beach it felt like she was home.

We have a little sneaky peek of the shoot right here for you, eeek we are so excited to see the rest of them!!!

weston camper
Anyways for now here is what we are loving this week…


WIN Free Wedding Photography With Craig Dearsley Photo


Both myself and Jess are huge fans of Craig Dearsley, he is so fantastically creative and injects personality into each and every one of his images. As you can imagine we were pretty stoked when Craig asked us to host a competition for him and not only that, the competition was to win a full photography package. So if you are getting married this year and are looking for a photographer then this could be your lucky day.