Since arriving home from Sri Lanka, we’ve been busy getting ready for the holidays. Much of Christmas day this year will be spent visiting our family and friends to exchange gifts. I’ve mentioned how I take extra pride creative gift wrapping before, but this year as I’ll be doing a lot of travelling with gifts I wanted to make sure all my hard wasn’t wasted by just stuffing presents in a boring old carrier bag. So, I decided to be super organised and make my own personalised Santa Sack. I have been desperate to try cutting material with the new Cricut Maker and thought this would a good time to really put it to the test by using everyone’s favourite fabric, FELT!

For as long as I’ve been using the Cricut, you always had to stabilize felt with an iron on stabilizer such as Heat N’ Bond before cutting with a deep cut blade but with the Maker that’s all changed. Now you are able to cut felt using just a strong grip mat and the new rotary blade, so was it really  as simple as that?? It really was!



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With Halloween just around the corner, I am busy adding the last bits to my outfit, whilst Jess is finalizing the plans for her murder mystery party this weekend with some quirky pumpkin decorations and a freakishly good cocktail list that’s to die for! This year we have been surprisingly organised with all our Halloween plans, but I have to admit I usually leave it down to the wire and there’s nothing scarier than having to piece everything together at the last minute. So we have rounded up 13 of our favourite quick and easy Halloween ideas for you to try this weekend. So grab you pumpkins and lets get started…

Beginning with our sugar skull wreath, which would be a spook-tacular way to surprise your guests as your greet them at the door.



I don’t know about you but I absolutely LOVE me a bath bomb! After we moved house last year the only downfall was not having a bath, I used to love getting in the tub, watching the crazy bath bomb fizz away while I tucked into a good book! Even though I don’t have a bath anymore my love for bath bombs still remains strong (clearly) and we all know what amazing gifts they make so I thought I would whip up a batch of Halloween themed bath bombs ready for this month! I love the idea of making a different bath bomb each month and collecting them over the year to gift at Christmas, so your gal pals have a different monthly themed bath bomb for the upcoming year! Anyway, for now let’s get cracking on these spooky bath bombs shall we?

YOU WILL NEED: (Makes 10 Bath Bombs*)

2 cups baking soda // 1 cup citric acid // 1 cup cornflour // 6 TBsp Epsom salt // 2 Tbsp coconut oil // Witch hazel (preferably in a spray bottle) // Lavender oil )or scented pure oil of your choice) // Green food colouring // Pink food colouring // Bath bomb moulds //

*Obviously the amount of bath bombs depend on how big your moulds are but this mixture made 10 bath bombs for me, 1 large, 3 medium and 6 small)


First, add all of your dry ingredients (baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, and Epsom salt) into a mixing bowl and give them a good mix up together. Then, pop the coconut oil in the mix and blend together by mixing it with your fingers. You need to do this until there aren’t any clumps of coconut oil left in the mixture.


Add your lavender oil into the mixture, if you’re using a 100% pure oil then you’ll only need around 10 drops, if it’s more of a fragrance oil though you’re going to need to add around 20 drops of it to really get that scent in there!