You might remember a few years ago I went along to the first Blogcademy class in London and it was MIND BLOWING, attending the class helped our blog no end so when Kat got in touch to ask if we’d be interested in styling up the venue this year we were honoured and equally terrified! We’d never styled anything other than our living rooms for mini photo shoots so to style an entire venue was pretty epic for us. Of course we couldn’t pass up a challenge so we said yes then quickly got a Pinterest board together (obviously!)

The one thing Kat really loved was this backdrop we had created before, so we got to work on thinking how we could create this on a bigger scale. We had used a big white board before but it would have been impossible to transport so we faced the fact that we should create it on the morning, we obviously couldn’t glue our triangles to the wall though like we did on our board so we decided double sided tape would be our new best friend! And so, around 300 triangles were made using our brand new Cricut Air in all shapes and sizes ready to make our epic photo back drop!

Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Harry Potter

Man am I excited. My friend from Mexico arrived last night to stay for a few days and I cannot wait to show her The Forest Of Dean where we live!!! One of the stops we’re visiting will be Gloucester Cathedral not only because it’s beautiful but because some of Harry Potter was filmed there! I love how essences of Harry Potter can be found throughout the Forest Of Dean, did I also mention I went to the same school as J.K. Rowling? Yep. Pretty cool ay? Well…not as cool as the Harry Potter wedding inspiration board I’m about to unleash on you all!

Photo Credits: Butter Beer: Heather Bailey/ Harry Potter Glasses Necklace: Six Astray Etsy/
But what would a Harry Potter themed wedding look like I hear you cry?! Well….prepare for horcruxes, golden snitch cake pops, broomstick favors and even a few chocolate frogs! I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good…

Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Game Of Thrones

Ok so I have to be completely honest here… I have never watched Game of Thrones. Reason being the first time I decided to sit down and give it my full attention, the episode was about a rather unfortunate circumstance with a gorgeous husky puppy. Everyone knows I’m a huge animal lover so I was put off from the get go, but that hasn’t stopped me being fascinated by the theme. It is never long until a theme like this influences wedding fashion so I wanted to experiment to see how it can be done in a way that isn’t so medieval but instead celebrates the dark colours and fashion in a modern way and I think iv sort of accomplished that?

Let me know what you think? Not to bad for my first ever inspiration board either…If I might say so myself 🙂

Wednesday Wedding Inspiration: Glastonbury Baby!!

If you’re reading this then I am officially at Glastonbury, hopefully enjoying the sunshine if it decides to make an appearance!  I’m ready to attend my first festival ever! Go big or go home right? Festival wedding themes are massive right now and I’d love to see a wedding with not just a festival theme, but a Glastonbury theme!

I’ll keep you posted on my Glastonbury experience but for now, here’s how I think it work for a wedding theme…(hint: It would be AWESOME)