Phew! It’s been a crazy couple of months for us behind the scenes at Bespoke Bride! If you follow us on Instagram (and watch our Instagram stories) you would have seen quite a bit of BTS action already but today we thought it would be fun to share a little video showing what we’ve been up to and how certain projects we’ve worked on have come together!

From styling a tropical shoot for Shutterfly, creating decorations for the Cricut Stand at The Handmade Fair, Emily doing a spot of modelling for Tilly and The Button’s new line as well as creating lots of spooky DIYS to share on the blog it certainly has been a fun couple of months!

Our first big project was creating a styled shoot for Shutterfly promoting their awesome personalised products and how fab they are to style a tropical themed bridal shower! We carefully chose our items for the shoot, from watermelon plates to ombré place mats and fun wine glasses! Then, we used lots of fresh fruit and beautiful flowers to add a little more colour to the table.


Next we attended The Handmade Fair with Cricut and if you’ve been reading Bespoke Bride for a while then you’ll know that we are obsessed with these craft machines! We created and styled a bunch of decorations and products for the Cricut Stand including one of our favourite DIYs ever…The cascading flower backdrop! We also loved making this embellished dress for the mannequin and these fun floral cake toppers made out of card! We spent the entire weekend meeting tons of lovely fellow craft obsessives and demonstrating the machines! It was so much fun!



Wedding Instagram Challenge Bespoke Bride BBWEDCHALLENGE

I mean wowzers, it’s August already?! How did that happen?! We thought we would kick off the month with a super fun Instagram challenge because we absolutely love the community that we have here at Bespoke Bride and love love love seeing our reader’s snaps so we CAN’T WAIT to get this challenge started!!

Never been part of an an Instagram challenge? No worries! It’s super easy! All you need to do is save the below image (just so you can check back), and — if you like — upload it to your Instagram account with the hashtag #BBWEDCHALLENGE . Then, you just upload photos that match the challenge on the day using the same hashtag! We would love it if you tagged us in the photos too! We’re @BESPOKEBRIDE on Instagram!

Wedding Instagram Challenge Bespoke Bride BBWEDCHALLENGE 2

The best part about this challenge is that you can browse the #BBWEDCHALLENGE regularly and see your fellow BB readers joining in and connect with them! You never know what wedding inspiration you’ll discover, what suppliers you may find or who you’ll connect with!

We’re also going to be sharing photos that we absolutely LOVE so don’t be afraid to get creative! Here’s a breakdown of each of the challenges in case you need a little more inspiration…


We want to start the challenge by seeing yours and your partners beautiful smiley happy faces! Share a cute selfie of the two of you!


Flowers are the bomb! Show us your favourite flower or the flowers you’ve chosen for your W-Day!


Are you having a specific theme to your wedding? Maybe you’re going boho, or festival, rustic or Mexican! Whatever the style, share with us a photo of some super styling you love! Don’t forget to tag where the photo was from!


We want to see your favourite shade of lipstick! It’s always so handy finding new lipstick colours am I right?! You may find a new favourite shade from another bride to be!


What shoes are you going to wear on your wedding day? Do you have them already? Or if your’e dreaming of a certain special pair then we want to see those too! Don’t forget to tag the designers of the shoes as well so other brides or grooms to be can grab a pair if they love them!


Do you and your other half share a joint passion or hobby? Share a photo of you guys doing something you enjoy!


Show us those engagement rings! We love how many different styles, sizes, shapes and colours there are!


It’s Monday morning so let’s share what starts the day off! Are you a tea obsessive like me? Or do you kick off the day with a smoothie like Em? Or perhaps you’re a coffee lover!


Got a favourite wedding magazine that’s your absolutely bible right now? Or a blog you’re totally in love with?! Share something of theirs and tag and tell them why you love them!


Planning a wedding can be stressful and it’s important to take down time and relax during the planning process! Show us what you do to relax! (For me, it’s all about reading a book in a long hot bath with a gorgeous bath bomb!)


Share a throwback of you and your other half! Maybe even a favourite memory of the two of you!


We all need our gal pals and nothing is as fun as a girls night!! We want to see you and your bridesmaids or gal pals having a fab time!


Know how you’re going to have your hair styled on the big day? Or have you seen a style that you think would be perfect?


Did you have a bridal shower? Or seen one online that you fell in love with?


Do you have the dress? You may not want to share the whole thing but how about a sneaky peek?! Maybe a super close up! Or share with us a dress from a designer that you love love love!



40 wedding instagram accounts to follow

Newly engaged? You need to fill your Instagram feed with awesome wedding inspiration stat! Today I’m going to be sharing our favourite Instagram accounts from our fellow wedding bloggers, these accounts consistently share beautiful weddings, styled shoots and favourite suppliers throughout their feeds which is sure to inspire all you brides to be! Phones at the ready!



“Your go-to guide for gatherings and a digital magazine for those who host parties, style + enjoy them!” Although this is a general party themed feed there is PLENTY of fun and colourful wedding inspiration here!


Festival Brides

“Celebrating weddings with a difference!” Brace yourself for drop dead gorgeous dresses, mega festival babes and plenty of floral goodness!



“Your luxe & lovely guide to life.” This feed is filled to the brim with pretty pastel images and elegant wedding styling!



“On a mission to make wedding planning simple & fun for modern couples!”


Bespoke Bride

“Where colour and creativity are a match made in heaven!” We had to share our Instagram with you guys where you’ll find plenty of wedding DIYs, bright and bold weddings and plenty of behind the scenes!


Rock My Wedding

“The prettiest and most stylish British wedding blog. Flowers, fashion and (bridal) frolics. Although not necessarily in that order.”




When it comes to design and DIY Aww Sam is quite simply the queen! Her fun and modern blog sees some of the most easy alternative DIY projects I have ever laid my eyes on, which is good because you will want to do them all. Add to this Sam’s A class baking skills and the coolest instagram account in town and I promise you, she will be the next best thing you have added to your blog reader in a long time! (Aside Bespoke Bride, of course!)

Over to you Sam…

“There’s nothing like telling a friend how much they mean to you by sharing the other half of your “best friends” necklace with them! Or at least that was the hip thing to do in middle school anyways. Ha! (I totally think best friend necklaces are the bomb) So, we’re doing a throwback and transforming one of your favorite pieces of statement jewelry into a donut to to give to your friends or bridesmaids to say, “you’re my bff!”



Fried donut dough// Broken heart cookie cutter// Frying oil// Pink icing// White icing// Piping bag//


Use your favorite dried donut recipe to make the dough. Roll out the dough and use the broken heart cookie cutters to cut out your shapes. Allow to rise for 30 minutes and fry in a pan and frying oil. Allow the donuts to cool completely before icing.




Colourful Instagram Accounts To Follow

I don’t know if you noticed, but me and Emily are just a little teeny tiny bit obsessed with colour and scrolling through the Instagram feed has become something we tend to do more than several times a day! So, naturally, we wanted our feed filled with beautiful, bold and bright colourful photographs! If you’re like us, then you’re in for a treat because today we’re going to share with you 75 of the most epic Instagram accounts we’ve ever seen! Feast your eyes on these beauties…



This stream is every pastel lovers dream! Maria is based in Mexico too which makes her photographs even more appealing to me!


Little Drill colourful instagram account

We absolutely adore how quirky and fun this feed is from Seattle stylist Shelby Edwards!



Another Mexican marvel in my eyes and a whole lot of pretty pink pictures to blow your mind!


Bespoke Bride Instagram

You didn’t think we could go through this list without shamelessly plugging our own colourful account did you?!


ABM Colorful Instagram

The queens of colourful sure know how to rock Instagram! These babes regularly share their favourite bright snaps from their hashtag #ABMlifeiscolorful too!


Studio DIY Colorful Instagram Account

If you want a whole lotta fun with a whole lotta colour then Kelly Lanza from Studio DIY is your girl! She also has some of the best DIY projects we’ve ever seen!


Off The Record: The Support of Friends and Family at Tough Times

This week has been a week to be thankful. I like to think that me & Emily are very positive people and we’re always very grateful for everything in our lives but sometimes something happens that can turn your whole world on it’s head and make you more thankful than ever for the people and support around you.

Bespoke Bride Instagram November


Emily’s Mr T! As you’ll read in Emily’s section below this week has been rather crazy in an awful way. It’s terrifying to know that something like this happened in our own town but we’re all very thankful that Matt is ok, he really is one of the nicest guys in the world!

Attending Hannah’s baby shower! Hannah is one of my best friends and seeing her glowing so much in her pregnancy really is beautiful! You know how much I love DIY too so naturally I made  little baby themed drink stirrers, bunting, a thumb print tree guest book & cake pops! It really was a lovely evening.

Celebrating our friends engagement with a  surprise party! We drank lots, ate some delicious chilli and I got to meet one of their amazingly fluffy ginger cats! He was so cute! 

Working in front of the fire! The weather has been absolutely horrendous this week and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed cosying up in front of the fire with a cup of tea and my laptop!

Going out for dinner with Nan & Gramp, we went to The Woodman in Parkend again because it was so god dam good last week and we even indulged in a deep fried bri starter this time, yum!

Making thanksgiving plans! Me and Emily are hosting a dinner this year for friends and we can’t wait to celebrate everything we’re thankful for with a nice hearty meal! 


This week has been hard to say the least! I can’t quite believe that I am writing this but Mr T was the victim of a horrendous attack at the weekend. He was rushed to hospital with severe head injuries and the few hours that followed have to be some of the worst in my life. Thankfully he was able to return home the next evening and was very lucky to have escaped with 20 stitches and a severe concussion. Since then I have struggled to leave his side, worried that something might happen and scared to leave him alone, but he is slowly but surely on the mend. Although this week has been traumatic it has certainly highlighted many of the positives in my life and I wanted to mention just a couple of them here today…

♥ Mr T! I have never met anyone as kind, thoughtful, loving, gentle and as caring as him. I know it sounds corny but he is my world! After learning about the severity of the attack I have realised just how lucky he is to be alive and I want him to know how much I love him, he is the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me and for that I am extremely thankful!

♥ All of our amazing friends and family! Their support this week has been phenomenal! We have received hundreds of goodwill messages and I really think it has made us realise how lucky we are to have so many fabulous people in our lives. 

Our National Health System. Fairplay the NHS get a bad rep sometimes but they were so amazing at the weekend, from the paramedics to the nurses, the doctors and the specialists, I can’t thank them enough for the care and support we received whilst we were there. 



Pop Up House Party Invitation (Perfect for all the parties coming up over the Christmas season! Above images via Mr Printables)

Colourblock Envelope Clutch DIY


A Romantic Fall Wedding in a Rustic Barn: Brooke & Dakota

A Romantic Fall Wedding in a Rustic Barn 1

All of the DIY details in today’s wedding are so cute! With the help of family and friends Brooke and Dakota had lots of special handmade touches throughout the wedding day. My favourites have to be pallet signs made by Brookes father. I also loved how the couple embraced social media into their day and even created an Instagram hashtag.

Brookes pretty bright orange bouquet looked divine against her white lace dress and the bridesmaids deep red dresses were the perfect way to incorporate fall colours into the day.

It is refreshing to hear Brooke speak so openly about her worries for her wedding, even though everything turned out alright in the end it is easy to see how you can lose sight of what your wedding really symbolises. I think Brookes final words of advice are something everyone should keep in mind when planning a wedding…


Off The Record: Birthdays, Booze and Blurry Eyes

Bespoke bride instagram

Happy Happy Sunday ladies and gents! It was my birthday Friday so I have spent much of the weekend celebrating and I would be lying if I said I didn’t have a few celebratory drinks, and this morning I am definitely feeling it. Next week will be another exciting week for me as myself and Mr T are heading out to Sweden to visit my best friend in Lund. We will arrive in Stockholm and spend a few days there, then move on to Lund and finally Copenhagen. I am so stupidly excited and they have already had the first sightings of snow so I know its going to make me feel very festive indeed. I really must thank my other half for this gift I am so very blessed!

Emily Loves…

Visiting our local christmas craft fair – the smell of mulled cider and roasted chestnuts really had me feeling all festivally and listening to the Victorian Choir was amazing!

Thanks to Jess I can now add a new Crown and Glory crown to my little collection as she so kindly bought me the new Sophie Glitter Rose Headband. I have had my eye on that crown for some time and will now be proudly wearing it for the rest of the christmas period!

Starting to make our house a home. We moved into our house last summer and I have to admit we have been a little bit lazy when it comes to making it ours. We finally made a start this week putting up blinds and buying a few more bits and bobs. Over the coming months I have big plans to completely renovate our old dining room table and book shelves as well as lots of other features which I am totally psyched about!


Off The Record: Win Tickets To The Clothes Show Live 2013 – Ends Midnight Tonight!

Happy Sunday everybody! Here is hoping all our wonderful American friends all enjoyed their thanksgiving Turkey and there are lots of full bellies out there. We actually celebrated our Thanksgiving a week earlier so we have had a bit longer to recover, it was so nice to relax a little.

As a little thanksgiving treat we would like to offer one lucky reader and their ‘plus one’ the chance to attend the year’s most prestigious fashion event, absolutely free! This year the Clothes Show Live 2013 will be marking its 25th anniversary with over 500 leading fashion and beauty brands, non-stop catwalk shows, gorgeous celebrities, tempting bars, and inspirational fashion demonstrations will all be spread over five exciting days. What more could a girl wish for? It’s the ultimate day out!

To be in with a chance of winning the these fabulous tickets leave a comment below telling us why you would like to win the tickets. If you are picked you will receive a FREE pair of tickets. Tickets are only valid for the Sunday and are  limited to one pair per winner. The competition will end at midnight tonight, so what are you waiting for?

Clothes show live 2013 competition

Now here is what else we have been loving this week….