Off The Record: Fairs, Faux & Fun

It seems that wedding fair season is well under way for us as of today! Me & Em will heading over to Ross to attend Ellis Wedding Show and we couldn’t be more excited, we feel like we haven’t been to a wedding fair for quite a while now so it’ll be so nice to meet lots of new suppliers and hopefully catch up with some old friends! We’ll also be heading to Designer Vintage Bridal Show, One Love Wedding Show,  EWE and many more later on in the year!  Do you lovely lot have any wedding fairs in your diaries this year? We can’t wait!

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For now though, here’s what else we’ve been loving on and offline this week…


Off The Record: Dinners, Dogs & Damian Marley…

Yay! It’s the bank holiday! What have you got planned? Hope it’s fabulous! I’ve been trying to get back into my healthy eating this week and i’ve gotta admit, it’s been pretty boring. I need to spice it up a bit I feel, dinner is never a problem, it’s just breakfast and lunch I struggle with! Anyone got any healthy food ideas for me? Your recommendations would be much appreciated! Also, if someone knows some sort of fat free salted popcorn that would be great, because that seems to be my downfall! ha! On another note, Bristol has opened an awesome exhibition called Gromit Unleashed which me & Emily are both loving! (who couldn’t love lots of random statues of Gromit anyway?!) So if you’re wondering why our Instagram is starting to fill up with pictures of the lovable dog then it’s because we’re on the hunt to find all 80 of them! So far we’ve found 5…so only 75 more to go! If you’re in the Bristol area and spot any let us know!

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Here’s what else we’ve been getting up to and loving…


Off The Record: Festival Fun & Travels in the Sun

Happy Sunday!!! I hope you are all enjoying this gloriously sunny weekend? I for one am wishing I was still on my little holiday, this would make perfect sunbathing on the beach weather but holidays can’t last forever. Myself and Mr T made the four hour journey down to Newquay on Monday morning and set up camp at Tencreek Holiday park. We visited the Eden project, Newquay zoo and even had time to sunbathe and do a little bit of surfing.  I have had such a chillout week it has been exactly what the doctor ordered and getting to spend quality time with one another has been awesome!

This week will be full of preparation for Jess’s trip to Canada where I will be handed over the blogging reins for the next three weeks. Eeeeek wish me luck!!

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Off The Record: Picnics, Parties & Pina Coladas!

Can you believe it’s Sunday already?! I’m freaking out because I’m leaving for Glastonbury in 3 days and I literally haven’t sorted anything out! It’s the clothes I’m most worried about, trying to pack light for warm weather, hot weather, cold weather, rainy weather and mud is not done easily in my books! Luckily for me a couple of my friends got together to make me a Glastonbury survival kit so I’ve got my toiletries and  necessities sorted! What a bunch of babes! Me and Em also took full of advantage of the one day of sunshine we had this week by picnicking in the park! We totally had ice cream too…hell yes. We even topped the week off with an evening of cocktails and tapas! We have spoiled ourselves this week haven’t we!

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Here’s what else we’ve been getting up to and enjoying…


Off The Record: The Hangover!

I am not going to lie this morning has been a struggle as I am just a little hungover. Yesterday myself and Mr T were invited to celebrate the wedding of two of his oldest friends and what a great day it was. I wish I had filmed the speeches because they were honestly some of the best I had ever heard, I think I peed myself a little with laughter. I was thrilled with the amount of thought and originality that had gone into them. Of course as weddings are, it was a great chance to catch up with old friends and of course make new.

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Jess was super busy too as she was the photographer for the day. This was the first time I had actually seen Jess photograph a wedding as although I see her with her camera all the time I am never with her when she does private functions so it was fun to see her in all her professional glory, she is so great at what she does! We all had the best day so I would like to say a huge thank you to Neil and Lou for inviting us to be part of your wedding day! More on what we’ve been up to this week…


Off The Record: We Are Planning a Road Trip!

Wow hasn’t the weather just been amazing this week! I know its a little old fashioned to start a conversation with a comment about the weather but it would be rude to ignore it surely? This week has been just a little bit exciting, as you know we met with the lovely Emily Fisher and Laura Power to discuss plans about an exciting new venture we will be working on together with Sophie King from Crown and Glory. We are now looking forward to a Cornish road trip down to sunny Cornwall to finalise plans over a glass of vino or two (I think Absynthe may have been mentioned once or twice too?). Wish me luck!

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Well enough about that, let us tell you what else we have been enjoying this week…


Off The Record: Feedback, Films & Funfairs!

Ahhhh. I have loved this week! It truly has been awesome! Especially the latter part of it when the sun was shining! Me and James decided we would celebrate my Birthday a little early by taking a day trip to Cheddar and had a picnic at the top of Jacob’s Ladder then continued on to Brean to visit a fun fair! We have a little summer check list of everything we want to do this year, ‘attending a fun fair’ being one of them! I had such a lush day and it was the perfect way to end the week!

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Here’s what else we’ve been getting up to and loving…


Off The Record: Roast Dinners, Carnival Themes & Magical Thinking

Bank holiday Sunday is here and I’m just getting ready to head over to my Nan’s house for a roast dinner! Nan’s tend to make the best roast dinners don’t they?! It’s a great way to end what has been a great week! We kicked it off by indulging in some yummy tapas at Em’s on Monday and it just got better from then on!

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Here’s what else we got up to and what we’ve been loving…


Off The Record: Catwalks, Countdowns & Collections!

After such a beautiful start to the week I am a little disappointed that the weather has taken a turn for the worse this weekend but I’m thankful for even a couple of days of sun in the UK as it seems to be such a rarity. Today we are off to Bristol for a photo shoot with Isobel While and her fab vintage dresses. Get ready for a little blog exclusive in the next couple of weeks!

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So what else are we loving this week?


Off The Record: Food, Friends & The Future

I’m writing this in my tracksuit bottoms with a cup of tea thinking about what a week it has been! I’ve just come home from a wedding in Gloucester and what a wedding it was! I felt so privileged to photograph Laura and Mark’s wedding yesterday purely because I have known Laura all of my life, the only downfall was that I was so emotional all day! It’s quite hard to take photos with blurry teary eyes! Needless to say I cannot wait to go through all of the pics! We also popped up to Ross this week to see an exciting Alice In Wonderland inspired shoot with Ellis Weddings, think melted clocks, very red roses & a whole lotta tea cups and beautiful cakes! More to come on this soon!….AND while we’re on the topic of shoots we’ve been cooking up a storm with stylist Nicholas Parnell & model bestie Brandon Brando! Exciting things to follow people! WATCH THIS SPACE!

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Apart from that here’s what else we’ve been loving this week!