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January 2014



Home DIY: How To Make A 2014 Memory Jar

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Memory 2014 Jar Final

Last year my sister decided she was going to keep a memory jar for 2013 and every time something amazing or great happened she would write it down on a small piece of paper and pop it into the jar! Then, on new years eve she would read back over all of the awesome things that happened in 2013! I absolutely LOVE this idea and think it’s such a nice project throughout the year and something exciting to look forward to on the very last day! So, i decided for 2014 I would do the same thing and I encourage you to do it too!

First of all though, we need to make ourselves a pretty little jar that we can proudly present on a shelf! For this, you will need:

An empty & washed jar  A sharpie (or stick on letters)  Very thick card  Craft paint A paintbrush  Sequins  All purpose glue  Coloured or patterned card  Stanley knife

Got it all? Ok, let’s do this!

Memory 2014 Jar

Step 1: Draw or trace your 2014 numbers on to the thick card and then cut them all out carefully, I used scissors for all of them but needed the stanley knife to cut out the middle of the 0 and the 4!

Memory 2014 Jar-2

Step 2: Take your craft paint and coat the numbers using a brush, you may want to add a few coats depending on the consistency of your paint! You can also paint the back of the numbers too if you like, then set aside and leave to dry.

Memory 2014 Jar-3

Step 3: Cut a circle out of your patterned or coloured card and glue to the lid of your jar.

Memory 2014 Jar-4

Step 4: This bit is kind of tricky if you’re not a big fan of drawing free hand with a sharpie so feel free to stick on craft letters here, or alternatively write your quote or whatever else you would like on the front of your jar!

Memory 2014 Jar-5

Step 5: Once your paint is dry, get your glue and start sticking on those sequins!

Memory 2014 Jar-6

Step 6: Use your glue to coat the bottom of each of the numbers and then stick in place on the top of your jar.

Memory 2014 Jar-7

Step 7: You’re done! Pop your jar on a shelf and get ready to fill it with lots of awesome memories!! It’s probably best to keep a notepad handy too so you can just quickly write something amazing down and pop it in there!

Yay for 2014!

Much Bespoke Love

Jess x


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