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January 2017




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Today we are thrilled to be sharing another epic list post with you. If you are looking for an alternative to real flowers on your wedding day then look no further, as we have compiled a list of 50 unique paper flower tutorials from photo booth backdrops and altars to cake toppers and bouquets just for you. If your a beginner at DIY, don’t let that put you off as we have included DIY’s for all skills levels or perhaps you are worried that you will be a little short on time, we have even included a few tutorials that will take less than 10 minutes to make. So no matter your skill level or availability there’s a flower DIY in here with your name on it.

1. The Paper Spring Floral Crown  pictured above, would make a beautiful bridal crown. (Photo by Ashley Isenhour and Brittany Jepsen via The House That Lars Built)

2. If your looking to create a statement backdrop on on a budget, then this Giant Flower Photobooth Backdrop is just what you are looking for. (Photo by Paul Ferney via Oh Happy Day)

3. This Paper Floral Cake Topper is awesome if you want to create those boho vibes but without real flowers. (Photo via Bespoke Bride)

4. This Rainbow Flower Wreath would make perfect wedding decor for a color lover. (Photo by Trisha Zemp via The House That Lars Built)

5. It can be tough to find table decor that isn’t made from real flowers but this Rose Branch Candelabra is an awesome way to add foliage. (Photo by Hilda Grahnat via A Subtle Revelry)

6. Not only is this Paper Flower Bouquet very pretty but it is also easy peasy to make. (Photo via Design Sponge)

7. A unique twist on a traditional bouquet this Paper Flower Cone Bouquet infuses a dose of childhood nostalgia into the design. (Photo by Hilda Grahnat via Oh Happy Day)

8. There might not be anything more colorful that these Giant Paper Flowers used as a backdrop. (Photo by Gustavo Studio via Hostess with the Mostess

9. Real flower garlands are not only expensive but have a short lifespan so why not make your own pretty Paper Flower Garland that will last a lifetime instead. (Photo by Trisha Zemp via The House That Lars Built)

10. Take your plain boring ol’ headband to the next level and create this Paper Flower Headband for your wedding instead. (Photo by Sarah Hebenstreit via Oh Happy Day)

11. These pretty Watercolor and Crepe Paper Poppy Escort Cards make lovely table decor too. (Photo by Appetite Paper for Oh So Beautiful Paper)

12. Tissue paper can go a long way. Use left over paper to make these Tissue Paper Carnation Place Card & Favors. (Photography by Tim Gibson via Oh Happy Day)

13. If your looking to jazz up your favor boxes, make these Peony Favors. (Photography via Oh Happy Day)

14. We have all seen the beautiful images on Pinterest of weddings covered in cascades of flowers but not only are they pricey but difficult to install. Instead make your own Hanging Wisteria out of paper and upcycle after.(Photography via Mamas Gone Crafty)

15. Large tissue paper flowers are a budget friendly and an effective way to make a statement on a plain wall. This tutorial shows you how to use yours to make your very own DIY Flower Wall. (Photo by Cameron Ingalls Photography via Style Me Pretty)

16. Now this is an innovative way to use old cupcake wrappers, use them to make your own Cupcake Wrapper Flower Votives. (Photo by Tim Gibson via Oh Happy Day)

17. Transform a flat table into a three dimensional whimsical wonderland with these Pom Pom Party Flowers. (Photo via Oh Happy Day)

18. This is another stellar tutorial on how to make your own Cascading Flower Backdrop (Photo via Bespoke Bride)

19. Peonies are still a pretty big deal in wedding world but they usually come with a hefty price tag. Save your wallet and make your own Paper Peonies instead. (Photo by Papetal via Esty Blog)

20. Daisies make us feel all types of good vibes which is why we absolutely adore this Paper Daisy Backdrop. (Photo by Anna Marie Killian via The House That Lars Built)

21. Cant afford roses or perhaps your allergic? Don’t miss out, make your own Garden Rose with paper instead. (Photo by Appetite Paper via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

22. These paper peonies make for the most beautiful Paper Flower Wedding Bouquet (Photo by Appetite Paper via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

23. This charming Cherry Blossom Branch is so simple to make.  (Photo by Addie Juell via Martha Stewart)

24. When you have a bare wall sometimes the only solution is to make a giant Paper Heart Flower Wall. (Photo via Wonderful DIY)

25. You’r guests will swoon over these Giant Crepe Paper Roses. (Photo by Studio DIY)

26. If your gifts need that something extra, add a Paper Flower Gift Topper. (Photo via Fall For DIY)

27. Follow this tutorial to make your own Crepe Paper Flower Sweet Peas. (Photo via Crafted to Bloom) (more…)



November 2016




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Since beautiful fresh summer flowers seem a million miles away right now we thought it would be nice to add a little colour and floral fun to a plain clutch! You know, just to brighten things up on this dreary Wednesday! (Happy hump day by the way!) This could be an old, unloved clutch that you want to up-cycle or you could grab a bunch of plain new clutches and transform them into great bridesmaid gifts for your gal pals (or you know…just keep it for yourself since it’s so pretty!)

diy-floral-flower-bridesmaid-clutch-tutorial-low-res-2 diy-floral-flower-bridesmaid-clutch-tutorial-low-res-4

It’s such a simple way to really add the wow factor to this simple accessory and the best news is it requires hardly any materials (Plus it’s super cheap to make!) All you’ll need is a glue gun, a bunch of fake flowers (in the colours of your choice) and a plain clutch! We loved this shade of pink teamed with the white and blue daisy combo!




September 2016




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If you came to the Handmade Fair last weekend then you would have seen our bright and bold cascading flower backdrop that we created especially for the show! We absolutely loved how it turned out and wanted to share how we made it with you because quite frankly…how freaking awesome would this backdrop be at a wedding?! Whether you use it behind the top table, your altar or for a photobooth backdrop it’ll be a sure pop of colour and look fab in your photos!


Also, special thanks to Lexy from Tilly and the Buttons who very kindly modeled in front of the backdrop for us at the end of the weekend! What a babe!


Card in a variation of colours (we had 14 different shades and colours in total and used around 450 pieces of card sized 12inches by 12 inches) // White yarn // A threading needle // A Cricut Machine // A pen //

Please note* Whenever we feature tutorials using the Cricut machine we always say that if you want to, you can cut items out by hand but I really really really wouldn’t recommend that for this tutorial because you will need around 4000 flowers in total!



Choose a simple flower design from the Cricut design space and size it to just under 4 inches wide, we then set the flowers to fill the mat meaning we fitted 9 flowers per sheet of card.


Get the machine cutting! This is a tedious step because you are consistently loading card into the machine, then pulling your flowers off the mat and loading more card. I promise though it would be a lot more painful if you were cutting by hand!



Next we decided to create some smaller flowers to go on the bottom of the strings, just to make it look more realistic. We cut out around 500 of these sized 2 inches wide.


Once you’ve got a room full of flowers and they’re all cut out, use a pen to fold the edges of the flowers over to create a more 3D shape.

diy-floral-flower-backdrop-bright-colourful-altar-photobooth-cascading-modern-fun-wedding-5 (more…)



August 2016




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DIY Card Flower Cake Topper with Foliage How to make floral Topper-15

DIY Card Flower Cake Topper with Foliage How to make floral Topper-11

Don’t get me wrong, I love real fresh flowers as much as the next girl but making a floral cake topper out of card was something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while and let me tell you guys, it was SO EASY! If you’re going for a real DIY look at your wedding then this cake topper is a great addition to the decor and really adds to that ‘handmade feel’ of a wedding! Here’s how to make your own…

DIY Card Flower Cake Topper with Foliage How to make floral Topper-12 DIY Card Flower Cake Topper with Foliage How to make floral Topper-11 DIY Card Flower Cake Topper with Foliage How to make floral Topper-7


Cardstock in the colours of your choice for flowers (I chose light pink, bright pink, peach and lemon)  // Teal card for foliage // Bamboo Sticks // A Cricut Explore // Craft glue //


Open up the design space and find the following flower images from the image library: #M4431D , #M3CBDF & #M3D7E1


Vary the sizes of how big you want these, I sized mine around 8 inches wide.

DIY Card Flower Cake Topper with Foliage How to make floral Topper-1


Pop your card onto your mat and hit go on the Cricut, do this several times, varying the colours of your card as you go until you have 8 flowers stencils.


This step is a little tricky to describe but you’ll need to roll up the flowers tightly then let them spring out and uncoil until a flower shape has formed! Glue this in place then allow to dry and repeat with your other flowers.

DIY Card Flower Cake Topper with Foliage How to make floral Topper-2 DIY Card Flower Cake Topper with Foliage How to make floral Topper-3 (more…)