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Backdrops are the bomb am I right? Whether you want to use one for a photo booth, set the background for a dessert table or even style one up for an altar they’re the perfect way to update the look of a room very quickly! So if your venue just happens to have a plain wall that you’re wanting to style up or maybe even use for a Photo Booth back drop then today’s DIY is for you! Not to mention it’s probably the easiest backdrop DIY we’ve ever made!

Easy DIY Backdrop Altar Paper Colourful Fun Geometric Heart Tutorial-2


Plain paper in a variety of colours (We bought a 12 x 12 pack) // A pair of scissors // A ruler // white tac // A pencil //


Draw the shape of a geometric heart using your pencil and a ruler onto one of your sheets of paper or onto a piece of card, then cut it out. We sized our hearts roughly 10 inches by 10 inches.

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Pssst…If you want to know what props we’re using in these photos it’s our Snapchat photo booth props! So fun right?! You can grab the original set and the new set below if you want them for your own booth!

Original Snapchat Props Button

New Snapchat Props Button


Use this shape as a stencil to cut out the rest of the hearts, so simply trace around the outside of it onto each piece of colourful paper and then cut them all out until you have enough hearts to fill the space of the wall you need to cover.




If you came to the Handmade Fair last weekend then you would have seen our bright and bold cascading flower backdrop that we created especially for the show! We absolutely loved how it turned out and wanted to share how we made it with you because quite frankly…how freaking awesome would this backdrop be at a wedding?! Whether you use it behind the top table, your altar or for a photobooth backdrop it’ll be a sure pop of colour and look fab in your photos!


Also, special thanks to Lexy from Tilly and the Buttons who very kindly modeled in front of the backdrop for us at the end of the weekend! What a babe!


Card in a variation of colours (we had 14 different shades and colours in total and used around 450 pieces of card sized 12inches by 12 inches) // White yarn // A threading needle // A Cricut Machine // A pen //

Please note* Whenever we feature tutorials using the Cricut machine we always say that if you want to, you can cut items out by hand but I really really really wouldn’t recommend that for this tutorial because you will need around 4000 flowers in total!



Choose a simple flower design from the Cricut design space and size it to just under 4 inches wide, we then set the flowers to fill the mat meaning we fitted 9 flowers per sheet of card.


Get the machine cutting! This is a tedious step because you are consistently loading card into the machine, then pulling your flowers off the mat and loading more card. I promise though it would be a lot more painful if you were cutting by hand!



Next we decided to create some smaller flowers to go on the bottom of the strings, just to make it look more realistic. We cut out around 500 of these sized 2 inches wide.


Once you’ve got a room full of flowers and they’re all cut out, use a pen to fold the edges of the flowers over to create a more 3D shape.




Cute page boy wearing top hat braces in whimsical wedding Hawaii

Looking for something whimsical and romantic on this cosy Sunday morning? Then you’ve come to the right place. Today’s real wedding is all sorts of pretty with DIY elements a plenty! The bride even took deco-clay classes before the wedding so that she could create all of her own flowers that would last forever! There’s also DIY photo booth backdrops, handmade floral crowns and garlands galore…

Destination Wedding Hawaii Romantic flowers centerpieces clay roses whimsical DIY Pastel Bridesmaids with Pink bouquets Colourful Cartoon Groom Socks Groomsmen You will forever be my always DIY box wedding decor Pink and white macaroons macarons on dessert table romantic whimsical


12 Rustic Ideas for a Winter Wedding

If you hadn’t noticed rustic themed weddings have been pretty huge on our blog this year! Rustic decor is so effective yet simple to create which is probably one of the reasons it has become so popular. We have put together this list of our favourite ideas from some of our favourite weddings that have featured on our blog this year. Grab a cuppa, get comfy and start dreaming up decor for your perfect rustic winter wedding.

Rustic Bouquet in shades of pink and white

These pink and white blooms were just so pretty! In fact this whole wedding was gorgeous, filled to the brim with talented Etsy suppliers and a hint of hollywood glam!!

Frosted Blueberry Muffins - Meghan & Chuck

These cupcakes with frosted berries looked so darn tasty!!

Looking to make a statement with their garden party wedding, Chelsea and Chris used oversized wreaths to decorate their altar, whilst Kayle & Dusty lined their aisle with upturned logs for their wedding in the mountains…

Berry Centre Piece - Kayle & Rusty

…They continued the theme indoors using thinner log slices for seasonal centrepieces.


Wedding DIY: How to Make Your Own Altar.

I love how an altar can instantly set the mood of your wedding ceremony, you may remember our 12 alternative altars that we featured last year, it was full of creative and original ways to create and dress an altar. Handmade altars are unique and personal, however I was unsure of how easy they would be. If you have decided to be a DIY bride this might be one task you are unsure of tackling but let me tell you, this altar was super easy, super quick (it took just over an hour!), super cheap and super versatile (you can decorate, however you want, to fit in with whatever your theme). Making your own altar could not be any easier.

DIY Wedding Altar

Please excuse the state of my garden in these images, it is in the process of being tidied up :/

You will need:

 10 Bamboo canes (but 11 would have been ideal just so we could hang things from the front) Make sure the canes are a little taller that you and partner.


 Material of your choice and colour (the same length as you bamboo canes)

 Flowers of your choice and colours


Sunday Sharing: Happy Birthday To Us!!!!

Regular readers of Bespoke Bride will know that yesterday we celebrated our very 1st Birthday. It has been a rollercoaster of a year but we wouldnt change a minute of it.

We have absolutely huge plans for the 2013 and we honestly cannot wait to fill you in on our new little big venture but at the moment it ihas to be Top Secret so we are staying schtum. For now we would like to take a look back at the year we have had to celebrate all that made us what we are today…

We scoured the net for the best and more importantly free wedding printables so that couples that had decided to DIY, would have the pleasure of 65 of the best right here on Bespoke Bride. Many of you told us how thankful and helpful we had been, but honestly guys the pleasure was all ours.

(Image courtesy of Eat Drink Chic)