WOOHOO New year’s eve is almost upon us and it’s time to get into that party feeling! (unless you are already of course from all the Christmas festivities!) If you’re going to be throwing your own party this year then why not make a fun balloon backdrop for your guests to take photos in front of? It will be a great talking point and doesn’t just have to be for new year’s eve! How ace would this look at a wedding?! You could even match the balloons to your theme!

The amazing Paula from The Giant Balloon Co sent us all of these gorgeous balloons to create this backdrop, we went for different shades of pinks, gold and whites and we love how it turned out! Here’s how to recreate the look…

diy-balloon-backdrop-new-years-eve-photo-booth-colourful-fun-decor-ideas-tutorial-10 diy-balloon-backdrop-new-years-eve-photo-booth-colourful-fun-decor-ideas-tutorial-8


Normal sized balloons & small balloons in a variation of colours (We used around 50 on the wall and had about 30 on the floor) // Balloon pump // Strong tape (We used parcel tape) // Sellotape //


Blow up all of your balloons using your pump so that you can see exactly what you have of each. We found it best to blow up the normal size balloons to full size and a medium size just so that we could fit them in the gaps easier and create a more interesting look with lots of different sizes.

diy-balloon-backdrop-new-years-eve-photo-booth-colourful-fun-decor-ideas-tutorial-18 diy-balloon-backdrop-new-years-eve-photo-booth-colourful-fun-decor-ideas-tutorial-20 diy-balloon-backdrop-new-years-eve-photo-booth-colourful-fun-decor-ideas-tutorial-9


Start by taping a few of your biggest balloons to the wall, securing them in place on the ends of the balloons. Vary the colours as you build around each balloon.


Keep going and filling in the gaps with your smallest balloons. We used sellotape to adhere these to the other balloons and keep them in place.

diy-balloon-backdrop-new-years-eve-photo-booth-colourful-fun-decor-ideas-tutorial-7 diy-balloon-backdrop-new-years-eve-photo-booth-colourful-fun-decor-ideas-tutorial-13 diy-balloon-backdrop-new-years-eve-photo-booth-colourful-fun-decor-ideas-tutorial-15 diy-balloon-backdrop-new-years-eve-photo-booth-colourful-fun-decor-ideas-tutorial-12 diy-balloon-backdrop-new-years-eve-photo-booth-colourful-fun-decor-ideas-tutorial-22




Last week our reader survey closed and hundreds of you got in touch to give us some feedback on the blog, I’ve been absolutely LOVING reading your ideas come in and me and Em are going to be going through them all properly today and sharing the results with you all at the end of this week! One thing you did keep asking for was more decor inspiration so while we get brainstorming some fresh ideas for you here’s 30 AWESOME ways that you can style up your tables…

1. Use contrasting patterns to make a bold statement!

I know, I know, it can be a little scary placing contrasting patterns together but look how awesome it can look?! As long as you don’t overdo it then patterns can really add an extra dimension to your decor! You can see a tutorial for these hand painted plates here but it doesn’t have to just be plates, you could layer patterns with the table cloth, napkins and even place settings!

2. Add colour with place mats

I feel like place mats are often overlooked these days but they really can look super beautiful against a white tablecloth! You can even download these gorgeous brushstroke place mats and print them out!

3. Use a little wood


I absolutely love how stylists took the rustic elements of wood and added a pop of colour to them in this styled shoot! By adding bright glittered card to the top or different colour wheels it really modernises the wooden look!

4. Add sparkle with disco balls!

You really can’t go wrong with a little sparkle and if you’re a fan of bling bling then disco balls are an epic way to style up your table! Plus you can get them in all sizes so you could even pop some giant ones around the venue! See the full shoot here! 

5. Fill old cans with flowers


If you want to keep the costs down then filling used cans with flowers is a great alternative to small vases! I love the Mexican style cans in this styled shoot but you can always take the labels off and spray paint the cans too!

6. Create a floating table runner with balloons

Balloons can sometimes get a bad rep but when done well they can really add a fun and elegant touch to your decor! Instead of placing a bunch in the middle of the table it looks so much better to have them running along the length of your table creating an almost floating table runner! Plus how beautiful are these palm frond balloons?!



DIY watercolour balloons flowers spring wedding inspiration easter pretty how to_-4

For as long as I can remember, balloons have been making their way into weddings but long gone are the days where you see a bunch sitting in the middle of a table! (yuk). Today we wanted to share with you a tutorial on how to make your regular white balloons oh so much prettier!


White balloons (blown up with helium) // Acrylic paint // Paint brush // Faux flowers // All purpose glue //

DIY watercolour balloons flowers spring wedding inspiration easter pretty how to_-3


Turn your balloons upside down and using your acrylic paint start to brush paint up the balloon making sure to stop around half way. I found that the paler the colour of acrylic the better so mix any colours with white if you need to!


Repeat again using a different colour, stopping around the same place.



Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (5)Now that you are engaged, you will probably find yourself looking all over the place for inspiration for your wedding, whether it it be the real weddings on blogs or the latest trend guides in magazines but have you ever thought of checking out styled shoots for a little bit of inspo?? We absolutely love sharing them here because unlike real weddings, vendors have total freedom to go all out and create something epic, no holds barred. Personally I think it’s a great way to not only get an idea of the suppliers personality but is also a great way to get your own creative juices flowing, the realisation that they sky really is the limit.

One of our favourite photographers, Schellie from Six Hearts Photography, tells us why she loves to work on styled shoots, “We love working with other professionals, so when an idea comes to mind, we jump on a chance to be creative with our “Friendors” for an non commissioned project where we have full creative freedom. We call them “Inspiration Collaborations”.

Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (8)Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (10)Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (14)Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (16)Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (6)Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (9)Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (7) Colourful retro carnival wedding styled shoot (2)



Up Themed Engagement Shoot 3

If you’re a fan of Up! as much as I am then you are going to go crazy for today’s engagement shoot! Ely and Paul thought of every little detail for their photographs from the adventure book, the grape soda pin and even matching outfits to the film! It’s all topped off with a giant bunch of balloons of course and a perfect picnic, the only thing missing is Kevin! Who’s got the chocolate?

Up Themed Engagement Shoot 9 Up Themed Engagement Shoot 22 Up Themed Engagement Shoot 8 Up Themed Engagement Shoot 10 Up Themed Engagement Shoot 6


31 DIY Decor Ideas For Your Wedding!

It’s no secret that we love DIYs here at Bespoke Bride and we happen to think that creating DIYs is one of the best ways to add your own personal touch to your wedding day! Not only that, they’re perfect to be created way way way in advance before your wedding, giving you even more reason to get excited as early as possible! So without further ado here’s our absolute favourite wedding DIY decor ideas! If you’ve been reading Bespoke Bride for a while then you may recognise a few 😉 …

1: A DIY giant balloon heart! I mean seriously, how amazing is this tutorial from Studio DIY! She bought the balloons for less than a dollar too!

2: Wedding Chicks have provided a super helpful tutorial on how to style your chair decor 3 different ways and all you need is ribbon!

3: This fun pineapple flower arrangement was made by yours truly! Wouldn’t these make the most fun centre pieces at a summer wedding?!

4: We love giant balloons here at Bespoke Bride, especially when they’re decorated with colourful tassels! Wedding Chicks show us how with this tutorial!

5: Why not jazz up those colourful honeycombs even more by adorning them with fresh flowers? It looks so pretty and Studio DIY proves how easy it is too!

6:  I am so in love with these gold and white clay feathers over on 100 Layer Cake!

7: 100 Layer Cake also created this beautiful heart floral backdrop which would be amazing for photos!


A Beautiful Beach Engagement: Chris & Kelly

A Sweet Beach Engagement Featured Image

All Photography by Julia Park Photography

This cute couple got engaged on Cape Breton Island – there really is no other place like it, surrounded by beautiful scenery, spectacular coastlines and mystical forests, I couldn’t think of a more magical place to get engaged. They say it is the one place that your heart will never leave and I am pretty sure this is the case for Kelly and Chris, as their journey to the rest of their lives started on this very island.

The couple decided to hold their shoot on the beach as this is where they spend much of their time. I love the that they included their little dog Gypsy, she is a little sweetie!

Here is Kelly to tell you more…

A Sweet Beach Engagement with a dog


Wedding DIY: How To Make Giant Candy Lollipops!

It’s no secret that me and Emily are big lovers of colours and fun themes & when we had such great feedback from our Dr Seuss inspiration board a few weeks ago we couldn’t resist following on with a DIY that would work perfectly with any colourful and crazy decor!

Giant Lollipops

These giant lollipops are really easy to make and would look amazing dotted around a room! Fun would instantly be added!

Ready to know how? Here we go…