BB Crafty Club November Unboxing Wedding Subscription box-1

It’s that time of month where we reveal all of the awesome suppliers in the last BB Crafty Club and boy was this one a cracker! Since November can be a bit dark and dreary we decided to cram this box with lots of colourful, fun items to brighten it up! First in the box was an incredible DIY hanging quote from Curious Me, I loved it’s happy message and how easy peasy it was to make with Pinar’s beautifully designed instructions! I made mine in under an hour and it certainly does brighten up any space where it’s placed!

BB Crafty Club November Unboxing Wedding Subscription box-5

Next was the super fun confetti from Pretty Your Party Co! Let’s be honest, life without confetti would be pretty boring and who could resist the pops of colour in these bags?! We also decided to continue on the fun with a selection of temp tattoos from Doris Loves!! We LOVE the idea of using these at hen parties or even giving them as wedding favours, how awesome would they look your guests?!


An Anchorman Themed Wedding: Kate & Steve

A Anchorman Themed Wedding

If you have ever seen Anchorman you will know that today’s wedding is going to be kind of a big deal! You will also know that it is one of the funniest films you will ever see, so if you haven’t had the pleasure of watching it yet, get yourself off that sofa and go get yourself the DVD, trust me you will laugh your socks off! But before you do that hang around for a couple more minutes and feast your eyes on this delight. believe me you wont be dissapointed!

Image by Rebecca Douglas Photography - A Anchorman Themed Wedding A Anchorman Themed Wedding A Anchorman Themed Wedding A Anchorman Themed Wedding


Boho Meets 1920’s Glam: Sara & Michael

Boho Glam Featured Image

When Carrie from Sur La Lune photography described this wedding as visually being like boho meets 1920’s glam, I instantly knew I was going to be sold.

As soon as I saw the images of Sara in her unique beaded headpiece… the flourishing florals, the marching musicians and the gorgeous outdoor venue, I knew we had hit the jackpot.

Every inch of this wedding is incredible, the bridesmaids look fierce in their mismatched black dresses, Michael is sporting a seriously dapper outfit complete with polka dot handkerchief, which wins huge points with me and Sara looks like a 1920’s hollywood sweetheart. Be prepared to swoon!

We will let Sara welcome you to the party…

Boho Meets 1920's Glam 1


Create Something Truly Unique With Jules Bridal Jewellery

Happy Monday everyone!! I am delighted to be able to kick off the new week by introducing you to the very talented Julie of Jules Bridal Jewellery and her fantastic collection.

Ever since Julie got in touch I have been taking sneaky little peeks at her jewellery and have had my eye on one of her pieces for a little while, the Buchanan headpiece is out of this world gorgeous. Feel free to give in to temptation and head on over to the Jules Bridal collection to get a load of this stunning headdress.

pearll drop hair piece