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September 2012



10 Photos To Have if it Rains on your Big Day!

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Rain Wedding Day

We’ve woken up this morning to some classic English weather! Rain.

“It’s like raaaiiiinnnnnnnnn on your wedding day, it’s the freeeeeeeeeeeee ride when you’ve already paid!”

And isn’t ironic? Says Alanis Morissette…but we say, you can’t change the weather so embrace it! Get out in it and get some awesome photos of you and your hubby!

Here’s 10 ideas to inspire you…

♥ 1. Cue the passion & leave the umbrellas behind! We’re talking full on Notebook movie style; drenched photos in the rain!

♥ 2. Ok, so if you’re not the type to forget your umbrella in a hurry then a beautiful shot like this one would work perfectly!

♥ 3. Get the bridesmaids involved too!

♥ 4. And the usher’s & groomsmen for that matter!

♥ 5. Show off your wellies! That’s if you planned ahead and brought them of course…

♥ 6. Having a city wedding? Then getting out on the town can create some beautiful images! All of those lights reflecting on the damp road gives an eye catching effect to your photos!

♥ 7. Similarly, just exploring the area in general normally makes for a great story through your wedding album! No matter where the location!

♥ 8. Getting clever with reflections in puddles is also an awesome idea for photos with a twist!

♥ 9. Throw in even more passion, lust & love!

♥ 10. Well, if you’re lucky enough to be near a lake, with a boat, and an ore then we needn’t say anymore!

(yeah…we’ll leave the poems behind in the next post, promise!)

On a serious note…some brides believe that rain on their wedding day is the end of the world, but listen up ladies! Your wedding day is what you make it, it’s meant to be the happiest day of your life and no doubt you’ve spent months and years planning it! So what if it rains? You’re getting married! That’s the important part, and as we hope we’ve shown you here that photos in the rain can be beautiful, if not even more stunning!

Get out there and enjoy it!

 All images can be found here 

Much Bespoke Love

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