Up Themed Engagement Shoot 3

If you’re a fan of Up! as much as I am then you are going to go crazy for today’s engagement shoot! Ely and Paul thought of every little detail for their photographs from the adventure book, the grape soda pin and even matching outfits to the film! It’s all topped off with a giant bunch of balloons of course and a perfect picnic, the only thing missing is Kevin! Who’s got the chocolate?

Up Themed Engagement Shoot 9 Up Themed Engagement Shoot 22 Up Themed Engagement Shoot 8 Up Themed Engagement Shoot 10 Up Themed Engagement Shoot 6



Smoke Bomb Themed Engagement Shoot 16

Get it, shmokin, as in smoke bombs. Yeah…ok it wasn’t that great was it but hey these photos speak for themselves without any cheesy title of mine! If you want to add some pops of colour to your engagement shoot but don’t have anywhere colourful to shoot it then using bright smoke bombs can be a great alternative! Plus, how fun would it be to set these off and have a good ol’ smooch with your partner amongst all of that colour? That’s exactly what Caterina & Chris did and we love how their shoot turned out!

Smoke Bomb Themed Engagement Shoot 19 Smoke Bomb Themed Engagement Shoot 12 Smoke Bomb Themed Engagement Shoot 10


Two Librarians, a Bundle Of Books & a Beautiful Bike Ride

Quirky Engagement Shoot Librarian Fun Dogs Bike Ride 11

Capturing two creative librarians’ love story who are head-over-heels crazy in love sounds like a pretty great way to spend an afternoon, the quirky crafty ideas and vision of Dana & Sheldon are so obvious in all these shots that you’re probably going to fall in love with them a little bit too! Dana knew that she would love to incorporate books, reading, their sweet doggies, records, and a bike ride around their gorgeous neighbourhood. And that’s just what the session turned into….

Quirky Engagement Shoot Librarian Fun Dogs Bike Ride 2Quirky Engagement Shoot Librarian Fun Dogs Bike Ride 21 Quirky Engagement Shoot Librarian Fun Dogs Bike Ride 25


A Southern California Surfing Engagement Session: Tarrah & Zak


If you have ever wondered how to make your engagement session just a little bit more interesting you need to take note because todays couple along with their insanely talented photographer, completely nailed what it means to have a unique and personal engagement session. I will let Ian from Shoots the World tell you more about his idea for this lifestyle engagement session…




A Mexican Fiesta Engagement Shoot!

Cinco de Mayo Engagement by Angie Capri Photography 152

Oh my days as if I wasn’t excited enough about heading off to Mexico in a couple of weeks, this engagement shoot dropped into our inbox and I went into overdrive! The styling and photography of this beautiful shoot is Mexico down to a tee, the colours, the paper picado and of course…the piñata! There’s also a ton of sequins, Mexican desserts, fun confetti and a whole lotta love making this one festive fiesta you won’t want to miss!

Cinco de Mayo Engagement by Angie Capri Photography 156


A Fun & Colourful Vintage Themed Engagement at Alexander Palace: Lydia & Andrew

A Fun Engagement in Alexander Palace

Lydia and Andrew have to be one of the most fun and vibrant couples we have had here on Bespoke Bride and their engagement has to be one of the cutest we have had the pleasure of featuring. They spent the day at Alexander Palace hitching a ride with a swan, eating yummy candyfloss and riding on tea cups and carousels, then ended the day rather beautifully, dancing in the park to music from their antique gramophone. I dont think it  can get much sweeter than this!


A Sweet Central Texas Engagement Session – Autumn & Daniel


You put a beautiful couple with incredible personalities in Central Texas for an afternoon and you have all the ingredients for a sweet, romantic engagement shoot! Pine & Pearl Photography spent the day hanging out with Autumn and Daniel as they walked through wild flowers, laughed their way through the woods, and rode a bike through beautiful open fields. It truly is beautiful, over to bride Autumn to tell you more about their special engagement…



A Rainy Engagement Shoot in Seattle – Elle and Connor


Photographer Carly Bish never fails to capture my heart with her work, I love her fun yet romantic style when it comes to her photography and I can tell you that Elle & Connor’s engagement shoot is no exception! This awesome couple embraced the fact that it rained on the day of their engagement shoot and said they’re lucky to have a relationship where they find humor and joy in odd circumstances! That truly is the best attitude to have and sometimes you just have to laugh, these photos have turned out so beautifully because of that!

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