Etsy Favourites: A Spooky Halloween Special

Oh my goodness! Can you believe that we are so close to halloween already! Honestly where does the time go!

Halloween has to be one of my most favourite festivals, for me it marks the beginning of autumn, crisp leaves falling from the trees, sumptuous colours and brisk cold walks in the winter sun! It makes me feel nostalgic and not mention all the totally cool decor and the fact that for one day of the year we get to dress up in the most outrageous costumes. It’s every creative persons dream!


P.S I Love This…

I feel like every time I write my PS I Love This i’m dreaming of summer…but it’s true! I really cannot wait to get on holiday and feel the sunshine on my skin, and because of this, naturally, I keep looking at holiday clothes and things I can take with me! I’m also strangely being drawn towards a lot of pink & gold this month…

1: How great would this print from Jenny Liz Rome on Society 6 look on a wall? I love the bold colours! So pretty!

2: Do I need to explain why I love this gold glitter from Micamoma? No I do not!

3: Eeek I love this pink cake stand from Sarah’s Stands and the best news is there are so many other colours available!

4: This week we were sent a beautiful sample pack from Minted filled to the brim with stunning stationery, it’s hard to pick a favourite but this one is definitely in my top 10! The gold foil on it really makes it stand out!


P.S. I Love This…

My wishlist this week has been quite heavily inspired by our recent ‘Enchanted Forest Shoot’. One of my favourite things from the shoot was the gold leaf eye shadow used on our models which I have been dying to try for some time now, so when I found this eyeshadow I was over the moon! Come to think of it gold accents seem to be a highlight today with gold wall decor and baroque hand painted wedding cake which will blow your mind!


PS I love This May

1. The new ethereal collection of bridesmaids dresses from White Minx is to die for, they are so pretty! (Photography by Camilla Rosa Photography)

2. I have been using Liz Earle since I was teenager and I honestly don’t think I would trust anything else on my skin. There are some great offers on the cleansing sets at the moment, so if you have sensitive skin, oily skin or spot prone skin I would definitely recommend giving this a try!


P.S I Love This…

Sometimes in life we all need a new nail varnish, a pretty headdress and a healthy juice to kick off the day! And today is one of those days my friend! Team all of that with some breath taking art, a bunch of gorgeous flowers and a necklace boasting a map to your favourite place in the world and you’ve got yourself one hell of an awesome wish list…

Jess PS I Love This April

1: We’re back on a juice kick in our house hold, I feel like I fell off the band wagon a bit but after watching an interview with the juice master himself I feel all inspired to start having my daily juices again! This citrus dream juice looks particularly delicious!

2: Ok, so I already have a Native American headdress from Glastonbury last year, but come on, with summer on the horizon can you really blame me for wanting more?

3: Pretty sure this is the best colour nail varnish from Essie! It’s from their 2012 collection and is called the ever awesome ‘bikini so teeny

4: Tulips are my favourite type of flower. No matter what the season, no matter what my mood, tulips will always be on my wish list because they look oh no pretty sitting on my desk!


P.S. I Love This…

So I might have mentioned once, twice maybe three times that me and Jess won a holiday to the Maldives last week? I honestly feel so lucky, stuff like this never happens to me, so as you can imagine I am very very very excited! Naturally my wishlist this week is feeling a little summery as I start to plan what I will be packing for my holiday.

PS I Love This

1. Not only will this beautiful Antigua Floral Bikini channel my inner pin up it will also hide a multiple of sins whilst I am lounging around the pool.

2. How cute are these little black cat face pumps?

3. I have been doing a lot of research on camera’s these last few weeks. It is no secret I am a huge wildlife lover and I am super keen to make this year, the year I make my journey into the world of wildlife photography. I have read lots of reviews and asked the opinions of a few photography friends and it seems the Canon 5D Mark III is coming out on top as the best camera for beginners. Now all I need is a couple of grand to buy it… anyone feeling generous?


PS I Love This…

Tomorrow is my Mums Birthday. Mum if you’re reading this…Happy Birthday for tomorrow!! Now I don’t about your mum, my mum is one of those women that if she wants something, she just goes right ahead and buys it! So much so that in the week leading up to her Birthday she went and bought herself the new George Michael album and a new onesie (DAMMIT MUM!) those would have been two perfectly great gifts for her Birthday from me. Never the less, I looked high and low around the internet to find some perfect prezzies for her and while I was on my search I may have just found a few items that I absolutely adored myself…

PS I Love This April

1: I own a lot of head pieces and head bands but I’ve yet to add a pair of bunny ears to the collection so I completely fell in love with these mad hatter black lace ears when I saw them!

2: A Beautiful Mess never cease to amaze me with their tutorials and this DIY for kitchen organisation is just soooo lovely! It’s up there with one of my favourite DIYs from them ever. I just love simply and pretty it looks!

3: My favourite lemonade has always been Mexican lemonade or raspberry lemonade but I feel after I try this blueberry lemonade from Anna K Photography the other two may have to move over!


P.S I Love This…

I am feeling all summery this week, the sun is shining, the temperatures are rising and I am beginning to feel a bit more human. I love opening the patio doors open and feeling warm air rushing inside. I headed to Jess’s last week and was greeted by the sounds of baby lambs bleating and birds singing – spring has to be my favourite time of year. New beginnings and all that. It is a time for getting back in touch with nature, fresh starts and making changes and this is what my love list represents this month…

PS. I Love this - Bespoke Bride


P.S I Love This…

It’s that time of month again where I get to drool over all of the gorgeous things I’ve seen on the internet these past few weeks! The month of March is all about spring being on the horizon and I’m feeling in the mood for pretty pastels, denim shorts and inspirational prints…

P.S I Love This March

1: These DIY flasks with oil cloth are so gorgeous!! And the best news you can make your own with the help of A Beautiful Mess!

2: Did you know that Society 6 have introduce a clock range?! Jeez louise!! I was obsessed enough with the prints, phone cases, cushions and mugs and now there’s clocks to drool over too! Check them out…but be warned, they’re all beautiful!


P.S I Love This…

Being a student for so many years (pretty much 20 years of my life was spent as a student!) its not surprising that I am a huge bargain shopper. I like to shop on a budget (who doesn’t?) and will pretty much try to DIY everything. I think I DIY so much because I like the look of things that are handmade and personalised. This has hugely influenced my wish list this week especially as we are in the process of buying new items for our house, our budget isn’t huge so I have had to get creative. Saying that, although I am very good with saving money where I can, I have had my eyes on a pair of very expensive shoes for some time now which you are about to see are simply A-mazing! A girl can dream right?…..

PS I love This

1. I love prints, I love typography and I love quotes so this Digital print is right up my street. Not only that it is available for instant download from Etsy. You would be mad not to!


P.S I Love this…

I know what you’re thinking…P.S I Love this? What is this P.S I Love this you speak of?? Well my dear friend, I’ll tell you, we’ve added a brand new monthly feature to Bespoke Bride that’s all about what has caught our eye in the world of weddings this month! You’ll find businesses small and large here, prices cheap and expensive and a whole lotta beautiful things! Oh and did we mention the good news? We’ll be listing all the places you can get your grubby mitts on them too! Bonus! So without further ado let the wish list commence…

P.S I love this...Feb

1: Grace Loves Lace successfully makes me fall in love with pretty much every dress I see of theirs. This beautiful high neck wedding dress is no exception!

2: I love forks (who doesn’t) and I love chevrons, so a colourful explosion of those things mixed together is A-Ok with me! I’d happily wolf down my dinner with this cutlery!