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May 2014



Boho Meets 1920’s Glam: Sara & Michael

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Boho Glam Featured Image

Boho Glam Featured Image

When Carrie from Sur La Lune photography described this wedding as visually being like boho meets 1920’s glam, I instantly knew I was going to be sold.

As soon as I saw the images of Sara in her unique beaded headpiece… the flourishing florals, the marching musicians and the gorgeous outdoor venue, I knew we had hit the jackpot.

Every inch of this wedding is incredible, the bridesmaids look fierce in their mismatched black dresses, Michael is sporting a seriously dapper outfit complete with polka dot handkerchief, which wins huge points with me and Sara looks like a 1920’s hollywood sweetheart. Be prepared to swoon!

We will let Sara welcome you to the party…

Boho Meets 1920's Glam 1

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“Mike and I felt that our wedding really was a reflection of us and our community. It wouldn’t of been possible without our network of friends. Everyone from the musicians to the baker to the photographer was a friend, and luckily for us also some of the best in the business! I am an artist/designer and Michael is a musician. So we took on the planning of our wedding like a large installation piece.

It wasn’t about wanting a specific look or exact color it was about creating a feel. We decided that the theme for our wedding would be fun. Once we knew we wanted our wedding to be a large party, I took off from there with ideas. We got engaged in December and I was really inspired by all the sparkle from the holidays. I knew I wanted to combine the glam of a special moment with the richness of nature and raw elements because in the end we are a pretty casual couple. I had a hand in designing every element of the wedding look from my headpiece handmade by the wonderful Jane-Michael Stallings, to the flowers. There were a lot of decisions, but in the end we couldn’t of been happier.

Everyone says it is going to feel like the best day of your life, and to be honest I didn’t know if I truly believed that till that day. Both Michael and I were blown away by how our friends and family made the day come alive for us. A special shout out to my Dad who designed the stick ring holder and invented a special pulley system with fishing line to hang all of the lanterns for us the morning of the wedding, to my friend Meghan who was my day of planner so I could take much needed personal time, to my Mom for spending countless days updating google spreadsheets and timelines with me, and to my sister/maid of honor who kept her cool on our wedding day and saved me from myself when I stepped in a mud puddle an hour before the ceremony with a very recommended day of bridal emergency kit.

A really good friend told me when I got engaged that I should pick three things I really wanted at our wedding and be willing to let the rest go. Because no matter how much you plan and how complete your vision details fall through and things change. For us the three most important things were the music, the flowers, and having our family and friends there. So I tried to focus on those things and our theme of fun and the rest flowed from there. I am lucky to have also been working in the wedding industry for several years. I have seen weddings that have worked and ones that have not. I knew already that a beautiful wedding isn’t always a great wedding. A great wedding represents who the couple is and is filled with what makes you happy. My advice is to hold tight to that concept and enjoy the ride as much as possible.”

Super Suppliers – Photographer:  Sur La Lune Photography//Event Planner: Strong Events//Make up: Adore Make-up Studio//Hair Stylist: Tamara Segura//Caterer: The Love of Food//Event Venue: Vuka// Submitted via Two Bright Lights//

How is that for some good advice! What would be your three things you would want to focus on for your wedding? And have you thought about carrying a bridal emergency kit?

Much Bespoke Love

Emily x

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